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Career Geordiekrispy's UK Goal Challenge v2.0 - failed


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So after 7 very mixed seasons at Newcastle, then 3 very successful seasons at Monaco, I fancied something a bit different and as I have very little creativity of my own, I'm going to add my twist to @BatiGoal's UK Goal Challenge (now my UK Goal Challenge v2.0)


The general idea is break the goal scoring record of the various UK leagues in numerical order, so Wales first, then Scotland, then N.Ireland, then England.



My twist on it is that I have to do it using that nationality of player, so no just signing any random wonderkid or known international goal fiend to smash it, they've got to be that nationality!


I have a feeling the jump to the Scottish Premier league will be interesting, depending on who gets sacked.  But the big challenge will be getting a job at an English Premier League side after going to N.Ireland...

Essentially I'm needing to hit 50 goals every season, then go into 1k career striker level in the English Premier League, that I think I'm going to stuggle with.  But it all depends on where I manage to get a job!

Now I've got to scout the Welsh Premier League for the best team to start with...

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Season 1 - Complete


Ok, so I decided to manage the mighty Cardiff Met Uni for this first challenge, mainly as they had a Welsh striker I liked the look of and had the best training facilities.





But, the squad report wasn't great...



But the main reason I was there was this guy:

Adam Roscrow


He's got decent shooting, pace and movement and at this level that could mean all the difference!


I decided to once again try bringing Klopp's gegen pressing style to the lower league, and I can say it was again a mixed result, mainly due to the fact that it was so alien to the amateur (yep, amateur not even semi-pro!) players.

But I managed to snap Landon Donovan as my assistant and hired a couple of physios to try and lessen the impact of any injuries.

Fast Forward to mid-way through the season...

Roscrow seems to be loving the solo Poacher role and the team have finally figure out how to pass to one another.




Another fast forward to the end of the season

Roscrow didn't quite make it to the final figure, but the team did surprisingly well given the strangeness of the tactics and overall style.




Manager of the year award withstanding, I think with some new signings I can push him a little but more... But he has now peaked and stopped gaining any experience from playing at this level, so don't know how far I can push him.


Screenshot_20181223-142753_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

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Season 2 - Complete

A mass release of the players that were no where near good enough and some shrewd (if I do say so myself) poaching of the upper league released players/youth rejects meant I have these transfer screens:

Transfers In:


Transfers Out:




The start of the season was mainly the Champions League qualifying, which I managed to absolutely walk!



The season pretty much went as that screenshot shows, I got hammered in the group stage of the Champions League, ending up bottom by quite a margin, only managing 1 win against Shalke 04.

The only other games I lost were in the cup, which I was annoyed at, but wasn't playing a full strength side so can't complain too much.


But it was almost a perfect league campaign, only dropping points in 2 games towards the tail end of the season.



I won the manager of the month award every month, bar the last 2 and obviously got manager of the year again.


But to the main reason I'm at this club... Roscrow... how did he do?

Well he's definitely peaked, he didn't gain any experience, even from playing in Europe, but he did manage a respectable 32 league goals, Evans is my SS and Stobbs is my right winger, with Makasi being one of my box to box midfielders.



His stats overall were impressive:



A grand total of 42 goals in 46 games is pretty impressive for a semi-pro



The question is do I try and push him and tweak the formation a little so I lose less goals to other players and/or change to a new younger player who could hit the magical 47 league goals in 32 games?  That's just 1.5 goals a game, it's a pretty hard target to achieve.


But I do have this guy waiting in the wings, ready to pounce on that main striker role:


Screenshot_20181225-211820_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Also, this was one of the first career's I've had where I was getting offered jobs almost every week after Christmas.


The questions I need help with:

Do I keep with Roscrow or put him out to pasture for the new blood?

Do I keep it so it's only goals for the league that count, the original challenge allowed all goals to count?

Do I keep with my "has to be the same nationality as the league" striker rule?


Answers on a postcard please!

Edited by geordiekrispy
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I've just realised that I've screwed my own challenge attempt...


As per the rules, the chosen striker must be a REAL player, not a regen or evogen, and as I picked my youth graduate to attempt to break the record this year, his results are void...


Which is a shame as I think he'd do it this year...








So I'm going to say I failed the challenge, but probably still attempt to beat the top scorer's records in the leagues with real players only...


Unless one of the more experienced vibers can weigh in with an official ruling...



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Yeah so this challenge attempt is officially dead now as this just happened...


I'd already had to give him a new contract with a higher release clause, he wouldn't accept any higher and as it was only recently he wouldn't negotiate another new one.

So this challenge has been failed as I'd won everything I need could with Cardiff Met Uni but couldn't get that last few goals, annoyingly he was on 46 goals for the season, with 33 in the league with 10 games left.


So yeah, challenge failed as I can't bring myself to try again for a 4th time with a new player.

Screenshot_20181227-165229_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20181227-165734_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

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17 minutes ago, Gerechtigaids said:

To be honest i'm pretty sure you may have either made most of Vibe pity you or laugh at you.

Sums my challenge attempts up completely!

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Broken rule means just you are not eligble for leaderboard. You can still countinue ur career story and produce goods for us. Its simply your choice.

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