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Career Just like fine wine, a 150 year old wine

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While I was loofing around the "interwebs" I ran into an interesting article on a credible site ( totally not Wikipedia

and found out that the oldest professional football team is Notts County.

It was founded in 1862 .

Just like how any football manager would do I decided to make a save right away.

I decided that a historic team like this could use a good manager( ME!! ) and some glory for a change. 

I'm new to this community and I am not even sure that this career will get any attention but I hope you guys welcome me with kindness:)1488900721_Screenshot_20181222-2339001.thumb.png.01de31562a24a47ca64e1557b60438ed.png


as a South Korean, I put in South Korea in instead of  Italy

South Korea actually has some quality championship players!!




nothin special.........



I guess i am appointed just like that haha


well they want me to achieve promotion with 140k

well here we gooo


our to loanees are the most expenisve and Boldewijn and Hemmings are our star players I guess

well I'll make sure to keep you guys updated see you soon!!

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9 hours ago, 1759 said:

Good choice of club. 140k is not a lot to work with. You could try and look for some free transfers. 

Thanks for the reply man

Looking to send off some wage hogs and bring in youngsters to play maybe at a championship level😉


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Season 1

just finished my first season in charge of the Magpies

I really apologize beforehand not taking a screenshot of the transfer acumen......ㅠㅜ

I sold all the players over the age of 30 and players with insignificant stats

In change, I picked up decent free transfers including our top scorer really saving my ass this season 991665950_Screenshot_20181225-124206_FM_2019_Mobile1.thumb.jpg.817e30ac1dec36dd9d9f77e746265e78.jpg 

He was a former Castilla youth player and we picked him upon a free agent with a decent wage of 1.5k


He saved our team with 23 league goals tieing him up for top scorer


We were also lucky to acquire the services of Marin being released from Seong-Nam, a K league side. 

Thank god I had South Korea in my starting leagues!! 

He was superb this season scoring 5goals and including the winner in a cup final333544934_Screenshot_20181225-112639_FM_2019_Mobile1.thumb.jpg.e7f50d9feec16ba1a163cc593ec4eef0.jpg

We ended up getting silverware we weren't expecting!!1245296612_Screenshot_20181225-112648_FM_2019_Mobile1.thumb.jpg.863356d64e67b29cf61dc378e8a3e54f.jpg

Checkatrade trophy!! 

My first official silverware!1834390432_Screenshot_20181225-030603_FM_2019_Mobile1.thumb.jpg.70a0588d4fb71eae813cc5edd736a76a.jpg1131506977_Screenshot_20181225-040236_FM_2019_Mobile1.thumb.jpg.96f8ae664e63a30450c01d622d888939.jpg

on the way to the top, we had 2 Giant killings (not so giant...)

providing us with 40k each118033549_Screenshot_20181225-122018_FM_2019_Mobile1.thumb.jpg.1cd014e0cd64d37fd6b6161dcec436c0.jpg1516109734_Screenshot_20181225-122023_FM_2019_Mobile1.thumb.jpg.67e289fb5c9deadcac35538bbccb6661.jpg

It was a hell of a rollercoaster ride till the very last day

We went through hard times with my job becoming insecure due to dropping all the way to 14th in  the midst of our campaign

In the end, we provided some last spurt with a winning streak after the Sunderland Giant killing losing only 1 match after that match453503480_Screenshot_20181225-122109_FM_2019_Mobile1.thumb.jpg.4a824d53fc198f2a52e86952f05ffd04.jpg

and our star of the team and the only player on the best 11 was Gotz


I picked the former Hamburg man up on a free transfer after I sold all my right backs.......

and he overperformed his expectations and I'll be looking forward to playing him in my future campaigns


I also got some recognition from the league!!!

see you soon with results from league1 and wish me good luck on my 2nd season!!


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