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Tactics 3-1-3-3 Narrow AF (EME)


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Here we have the second narrowest tactic i made. The narrowest being a 2-2-2-2-2 which didnt work at all.


The Tactic




The basic idea is to get the ball up.the middle of the park and just shoot when possible with upto 6 people near the box and also sweep up the rebounds for a second shot.



Second in the league with the most goals.


Rondon top scorer, Joselu.... yes Joselu 3rd top with one goal less, Muto carrying almost 20 goals too.


Clearly this tactic makes the strikers feel good with plenty of goals between them.

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18 minutes ago, Titjes said:

EME or OME mate?

Looks like it could be an awesome tactic with top players :)

EME as always mate. This tactic also works in France. Where I am doing my Triple Threat but not as PSG!

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2 hours ago, Snip said:

Love these interesting shaped tactics. Any reason for the sweeper defender? Do you find he works?

It was basically the first role I chose. No tinkering, there could be a better role but I haven't tried. I chose sweeper as i wanted a defender to sit deep and if needs be try to sweep wide to pick up those balls intended for wingers to chase.

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