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Tactics Fantastic 4-2-3-1. Perfect Tactic For Real Madrid


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Hello Guys, i want to share my best tactic so far. Without Ronaldo, My Early season was hard to get a goal. I sell benzema to barcelona and then buy Hazard and Callum Wilson as his replacement. Lets get started..




This is my first season:


And this is my second season, still not finished yet but im sure i will unbeaten:



But im still need advice about hazard, i just want him to give more assists and goals, do you guys have suggestions


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No offence man but honestly any tactic is perfect for real madrid have you tried it with any smaller teams?

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7 hours ago, gunnersaur said:

No offence man but honestly any tactic is perfect for real madrid have you tried it with any smaller teams?

I never tried it bro, im still focused on this save data

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13 hours ago, Westside said:

Callum Wilson to Real Madrid is different, any particular reason why you signed him over pretty much any striker? 

I've played before and callum wilson became the best goalscorer at england. That why i signed him and he has a cheap price than harry kane

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