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Career Hitmen of PSG Attempt 2 - Complete


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So, since i completed my Pensioner's Challenge and i had unfinished business with this, i thought would try this again:

If you want my previous attempt, you can find it here.

Now what is the challenge about?? 

So, here's my attempt:


Transfers Out:



Transfers In



Season Performance


Won the league, Champions League and Coupe de France but lost the League Cup and Trophee des Champions.


So, my squad at the start of the season:



Cup Runs :



Even a Mbappe hattrick couldn't get us the win in the Trophee des Champions while a high scoring match in the League Cup ended in heartbreak via penalties. The only saving grace was the French Cup where a Neymar hattrick gave us a 4-0 win.


Champions League




League Performance





Completed the challenge by February. After that, it was to get the total goals up.


Manager Profile



Final Goal tally


So, total 185 goals which was not as brilliant as @Mulambo's attempt but enough to better my friend @URz tally.


@BatiGoal, can you add me to the second position in the leaderboard.


Thanks everyone who is reading this.

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Just now, Titjes said:

Congrats on completing the challenge this time ;)

Great score, earning you that 2nd spot on the leaderboard :)

Thanks mate. It was a relief to finally finish this. 😄

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I’m only managing small moments in Vibe at the moment, so I always look for a @Kanegan career first!

Brilliant job this time. 😎

I’m really impressed by everyone having 5+ goals by February - you beat the master who said he managed it by March I think. 

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4 hours ago, geordiekrispy said:

Well done, decent score too.


10 minutes ago, URz said:

I’m only managing small moments in Vibe at the moment, so I always look for a @Kanegan career first!

Brilliant job this time. 😎

I’m really impressed by everyone having 5+ goals by February - you beat the master who said he managed it by March I think. 

That was flattering mate, Thanks

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