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Tactics Strikerless formation 433 domination


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Hi guys, I have not posted here for a few years but this is a tactic I employed in my recent Utd save. I lost 1 game in the first 2 seasons which was my first group game against Bayern when I was still fine-tuning the tactic. I had started with a High defensive line but this got dropped back after that game. As for initial transfers I usually start by offloading Sanchez, Rojo, Jones, Fellaini and Lukaku among others which brings in some extra funds. I wanted to bring attacking football back to Utd and decided on making Pogba the focal point of this tactic. 

Attached is my team after season 2 complete.


I wasn't looking to break records or anything like that just start a solid save that I enjoyed.

Uts have most of the players suited to this formation but I wanted to strengthen the defence so brought in Varane for Lukaku plus money, and Sule from Bayern. In the midfield, I bought Fernandes from Benfica and Savic from Lazio.

You won't have the majority of possession but will have most of the shots. Actually, most teams struggle to register many shots in most games. To show this De Gea missed most of the 2nd season and I had to use Henderson who didn't do too bad. Pogba also missed out on a large portion of the season but was filled on by lingard.

If I was struggling to score I checked the opposition tactic, if they played narrow I played both flanks or basically looked for their weak point.


The very odd game you will get dominated by a juventus etc, but you will still win. very rarely i dropped to attacking and normal tackling here.

On rare occasions where lingard played in Pogbas place i used him a a Shadow Striker, but only a few times to see how it went.


Any questions feel free to ask











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20 minutes ago, Peppy10 said:

Did this tactic work straight away or took few weeks/months into the season 

Straight away, 

My initial 11 were

Martial.       Pogba.          Rashford

Herrera.     Savic.             Fernandes

Shaw.      Sule.   Varane.      Dalot

                    De gea

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7 hours ago, Peppy10 said:

Did this tactic work straight away or took few weeks/months into the season 

It worked straight away, only change was from high defensive line to normal after that 1 defeat in my first champions League group game against Bayern. 2-1

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