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Career Strikerless 1 Season Challenge!

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Love this idea for the challenge so going to put my "Sunderland Til I Die" career to one side until I'm on my way down to Charlton on Saturday and take a break from my "Juve no. 10" career.

I had decided to choose Celtic and pick three of the most prolific attacking midfielders of this generation...Charlie Adam, Tom Rogic and David Edwards. However: 

1. Charlie Adam is quite possibly the worst player I've ever used on this game to date.

2. I misunderstood the challenge  and thought it meant 3x AMC.

Therefore, my attempt mk. 2 will be on here soon. (Now started, further down in the thread)


This is gonna be fun!

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Link original challenge and being an idiot

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Celtic Attempt mk.2

As previously mentioned, due to being an idiot I completely misunderstood the challenge and how bad Charlie Adam is. Therefore, it's time for a different attempt. My 3 players are:Screenshot_20190104-020420.thumb.jpg.ea1e7c40cde59770a33ae7f12c79fcff.jpgAn AP with 16 shooting? YES PLEASE!Screenshot_20190104-020431.thumb.jpg.023f5a00465a376e3dcad03a51c5a2be.jpgNew signing #1, a guy who dribbles fast.Screenshot_20190104-020442.thumb.jpg.fb7414e3b9839bc4cba7dffc6c05a2a9.jpgNew signing #2, fast and good in the air.

I was originally tempted to go for Mackay-Steven but his stamina is really poor for a winger. Jonny Williams was also an option (loved him on Sunderland Til I Die), might use him on future challenge.


• Win all domestic cups.

• Win the league.

• Champions League group stage.

• 120 goals/assists between the 3 guys.

HERE. WE. GO. (eventually)

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"Woahhh we're halfway there..."

On the save it is now January 19th, the day of our second fixture of the new year. So thought it was a nice time to recap. I forgot to take a transfer screenshot earlier, but I can't see myself doing any more business so...Screenshot_20190104-053828.thumb.jpg.d2a2e941c850f218e7b4d0821164e23a.jpgScreenshot_20190104-053840.thumb.jpg.a9045686ff606c9e99c37b0e2d98e65a.jpgScreenshot_20190104-053858.thumb.jpg.c79cd478f6715ecc02ead4fbc20ab66a.jpg

The targets I'd made were to win all domestic competitions and get to the Champions League group stage. In the Champions League, I beat Spartaks, Flora and APOEL to set up the last qualifier tie against PSV...Screenshot_20190104-053400.thumb.jpg.4be41d33b4f909202e27ffeb6e2996b4.jpgScreenshot_20190104-053405.thumb.jpg.d3222431c8e5ab4e54a0fa04398328e4.jpg3-1 defeat over the 2 legs. Unfortunate, but at least we had the Europa League. It wasn't the easiest of groups, but we managed to come top, with a 100% home record helping to pull us through.Screenshot_20190104-053436.thumb.jpg.daafbe910115e363d86b71be862846fe.jpgHowever, in the next round, we face the King's of the Europa League, Sevilla. 

Domestically, things are going very well. We flew through the Betfred Cup, dispatching of Hibernian in the final.Screenshot_20190104-053343.thumb.jpg.5b0fc79b08fa756ca4a800c39e2558e8.jpg

The league has been pretty comfortable too, with just one defeat. However, I would like to score alot more goals, even if the defence are playing extremely well.Screenshot_20190104-053328.thumb.jpg.ff62bd36a11e10fe9c45611f008c3536.jpg

To finish, here are the stats for my 3 main men! 


All 3 players have scored 18 goals each, with Yeni and Jonathan adding 11 assists, compared to Tom's 6. This gives a total of 82 so far. I'm very happy with this, I was expecting to need the lower my target of 120, due to Rogic missing 6 weeks and Ngbakoto missing 3 due to injury.


• 120 goals/assists between them.

• Win all domestic trophies.

• Give Sevilla a good fight.

Score so far: 82+48+32=162.


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So the season has ended, the smoke has cleared to reveal:Screenshot_20190110-140244.thumb.jpg.0375407118db4575e52c3bb6e14d3f53.jpgOnce again, the boys in green have triumphed in the Ladbrokes Premiership. On a side note, the league is mad with the ability to finish behind teams even with 5 more points. Mental.

Screenshot_20190110-140203.thumb.jpg.3e7f657dd5cec6418d28c4939b7da5b0.jpgScreenshot_20190110-140209.thumb.jpg.79e342422bc160bb8d7aff92d302570f.jpgIn the Europa League, I hoped to go out fighting and I felt like we have a good account of ourselves, an 89th minute goal preventing the tie from going to Extra Time. Heartbreaking. Although our Scottish Cup Final was a much simpler affair:Screenshot_20190110-140225.thumb.jpg.ff20c16121d478dbd10c9cf9896103da.jpgEasy.

So how'd our 3 guys do?

Screenshot_20190110-140310.thumb.jpg.d2b9d730e1f8ea2166c33be08a75b7b1.jpgContributed to 46 goals on 62 games, seemed to disappear quite a lot in all honesty, but not a bad total.

Screenshot_20190110-140318.thumb.jpg.f354bdd8f70c1bfe2d3bdf4a8b2a7ab7.jpgOutstanding! 53 in 59 and dragged us through some games that were on a knife edge, including on a couple of occasions against arch-rivals Rangers.


He wasn't awful and injuries hit him more than the other two. Whilst shining in front of goal, it's shocking that he failed to register a single assist in the second half of the season. Poor performance from the Australian altogether.

46+53+38 = 137. Target 120? ✔️

Give Sevilla a fight? ✔️

Win all domestic competitions? ✔️

Total score: 

GD=60, PTS=89, Goals+Assists=137.

60+89+137= 286. Beatable but an okay first attempt with a poor side. Please add me to the leaderboard @Foxy


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3 hours ago, Titjes said:

Great results as you didn't pick superstar players ;)

Top score in last year’s was with Celtic too.

Good attempt mate. Give it another go sometime and see if you can improve upon it.

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2 hours ago, Rob said:

Top score in last year’s was with Celtic too.

Good attempt mate. Give it another go sometime and see if you can improve upon it.

Cheers, trying it on my Juve Number 10 and gonna try one more time with some "big names"

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