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Career Your FMM is on Fire! The FirePower Challenge (Completed)


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So with no-one seemingly having a go at this one, I thought I would try and top the leaderboard and dethrone King @BatiGoal


It looks a really interesting challenge with some thinking to do in order to select the right players for the right price to deliver the goods.

First off, where to begin? So with a restriction of which starting country I could select - The chosen 5 are Belgium, Holland, Italy, Portugal and Spain I thought I would head to Portugal and utilise of the big three clubs as they have great youth systems so my thinking is I wont need to dip too much into the market to boost the squad and I can spend most of the cash on the "power players"

I settled on FC Porto for this one, plenty options up front here as my chosen tactic will be based on goals, goals goals!


Stage 1 - India: Buy 1 Indian PP. Transfer budget = €44M / July 2018-Jan 2019

With no really option at all I had to go for Sunil Cheetri


So with @BatiGoal setting a target of 26 points here I knew the I needed to get 20 plus in order to make a good start here. We just scrapped into the 20's with 21 points here. Ok start but needed a bit more. He picked up a few knocks that resulted in missing a few games and that's tough.

Along with Chhetri, I just added Pardo and Ramos to boost the midfield here.


Stage 2 - Turkey: Buy 1 Turkish PP. Transfer budget = €8M / Jan 2019 - June 2019

With a very tiny budget indeed and again limited options it was tough to pick my second player. I didn't want to use Tosun, as @BatiGoal had picked him already so that only left me with one option. He only cost me €2 but I had to throw in Vincent Aboubakar to sweeten the deal.

Tosun was lethal and racked up 43 points so it was gonna be a tough ask to match that but he was tracking really well until distater struck in March.... 😭😭



What can you do? Sadly he had only accumulated 23 points from his 17 games. Which left me a long way behind the top spot already.

Stage 3 - South Korea: Buy 1 Korean PP. Transfer budget = €42M

So onto Stage 3 and this time we needed to post a big score on the board. Again really limited option and no matter how much I tried I couldn't do a deal with Spurs for Son so like @BatiGoal I turned to Austria and Hwang Hee-Chan. He cost me €30m.


He did pretty well for me after a slow start and racked up 29 points for the total but it was still below the top score, even at this early change its look tough to hit that number one spot.


We boosted the ranks with van de Beek coming in plus some of the Benfica wonderkids for a bargain price.



Coming up  in Part II....Turning Japanese, Double Deutsche and French Fracas!

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Nice attempt mate...and good starts im sure once you get the bigger countries your choices will get easier and hopefully more points.

Just a note are your screenies missing?

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1 hour ago, Woody said:

Nice attempt mate...and good starts im sure once you get the bigger countries your choices will get easier and hopefully more points.

Just a note are your screenies missing?

Yeah, was tricky to chose different players due to the lack of options.

I was having a nightmare and removed a lot as they seemed to be duplicated. I think its ok now?

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Welcome to part II of this Firepower Challenge attempt.

Stage 4 - Japan: Buy 1 Japanese PP. Transfer budget = €47M
This was biggest budget so far so sadly not the biggest pool of players to chose from. So I headed to Germany to pick up chosen player and Yuya Osako for a reasonable €17.5m, giving us some more cash for the squad.


He did ok, nothing spectacular with 30 points overall. I needed a bit more from him but he was just not clinical enough.

Stage 5 - Germany: Buy 2 German PP. Transfer budget = €39M
So we hit the first stage where we have two powers players to buy but with a reduced budget! There was obviously a few more options to choose from as I looked to Germany and I decided to tweak the formation slightly in order to bring these players. Andre Hahn was the big purchase at €20m, he can play wide or through the middle and the target man Niclas Fullkrug.



Hahn performaned really well with a stunning 44 points from just 29 games, I couldn't ask anymore at all. Fullkrug did even better with 47 points, 34 goals in just 29 games was a splendid return from these guys. A total of 91 points is just what we needed.

Stage 6 - France: Buy 2 French PP. Transfer budget = €35M
Another reduction in budget and we still needed to bring in two players, this time from French France. Tricky this one as the big boys were way out of my price range and didn't want to part with any of the spine of my team in a part-ex so we nearly used all our budget to get Sebastian Haller and Jean-Kevin Augustin. What did these boys have to offer?



What do they say, never trust the French? These guys were a bit of a nightmare! Both signed and then got injured straight away. Both were pi$$ing about in training and fines were issued. On the pitch it was an ok performace. Haller produced 38 points and Augustin 36 points from just 23 games. I feel this was a chanced missed as once these guys got going they were flying. Total points were 74 points.

Challenge Score: 197gls + 71ast = 268pts and counting..

In Part III.....A Merseyside double as the UK hits the party, A Chinese Triple and to finish the Super Powers of the Russia and USA.

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So here is the third and final update from my FirePower Challenge.

Stage 7 - United Kingdom: Buy 2 UK PP. Transfer budget = €46M

So we headed back to the UK to see who we could pick a decent budget and I decided to do a merseyside double and picked up DCL and Harry Wilson for a reasonable amount with a player thrown in. Both looked at their peak so I expected a decent return.


These lads didn't disappoint. Wilson was the star, from his forward INF position he created and scored for fun amassing 44 points for me with DCL more of the focal point and chipping in 46 points, with 36 goals in just 28 games. The Brits never let you down! 90 points in total.

Stage 8 - China: Buy 3 Chinese PP. Transfer budget = €155M

With an insane budget I was ready to splash the cash but sadly there was very little to spend the dough on from a Chinese point of view. I did the best I could, although one of players cost just €55k! 😲




The main issue I had here was keeping these lads fit! I struggled to get them all on the pitch at the same time. Yunig, as expected top scored with 39 points, next was Liangming with 38 points and the injury prone Yuhao with just 15 points. A very disappointing total of 92 points. I was really looking for 100 plus here but sadly it was not meant to be.

Stage 9 - Russia: Buy 3 Russian PP. Transfer budget = €95M

We headed east now to the super power that is Russia to try and make up for some lost points. Another triple swoop was needed here. Golovin was a no brainer really here with Kokorin and Miranchuk providing the power up front.




What a disaster! With a reduced number of games because of the World Cup in Qatar it was going to be tough but Golovin and Kokorin was on the physio the whole time, I only got 17 games out of the two of them! 😭 Miranchuk did better and top scored with 26 points, Golovin grabbed 12 points and Kokorin just 10 points. A very poor 48 points. Ouch!

Stage 10 - USA: Buy 3 American PP. Transfer budget = €585M

The final stage now, heading west to the US of A. A massive budget and we needed a massive total! Of course we had to sign Pulisic, with Sargent and Weah Jr making up the three. Big transfers fees but there was plenty in the bank for this one.




So the main issue I had was that I couldn't get the best out of Pulisic, I tried a variety of the postions but he just didnt excel for him. Sargent was the outsatnding player here and top scored with a whopping 52 points, next was Weah Jr with 32 points and Pulisic with a bad 25 points. Giving me a final total of 109 points

So that was it a great challenge all in all, you will need to have luck on your side with injuries for this one as with so little games for each stage and one serious injury and it sets you right back.

Total Score - 607 points!

A decent really I think with a few bad stages that really cost me Not quite unseating @BatiGoal(can you add me to the leaderboard) but it will be tough to the beat.

Thanks for reading.

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Congrats mate! If it weren't for those injuries you'd be sitting a lot closer to me. Enjoyed the adventure 👍.. Adding your name to the leaderboard. 

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18 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

Congrats mate! If it weren't for those injuries you'd be sitting a lot closer to me. Enjoyed the adventure 👍.. Adding your name to the leaderboard. 

Thanks mate, it was a nice challenge. Really enjoyed scouting for different players with some surprising results.

Hope more people try this one out.

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