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Career Attempting the ‘Juventus fabled number 10’ Challenge.


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Following Juventus’ staggering capture of Cristiano Ronaldo it was announced they were now in the running for a new number 10, many speculated another marquee signing, yet heads in Turin were turned when the speculated signing was announced.


Alan Browne was brought in to fill the massive boots of the Number 10 shirt, signing for a sweet 9 Million pounds. 

Season 1

As the first season came to a close, it was clear that this challenge would be no pushover. A seasons of lows and highs finished with a champions league trophy and Italian cup win, yet to win the league after many boring draws and lacking performances, to be worked upon next year.


In terms of solo performances, Alan Browne performed to a decent standard, what can be considered a surprise choice seemed to perform in the big games and disappeared against smaller base teams.

stats at the end of season 1:


Goals : 17

Assists : 15

Grand Total : 32


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11 hours ago, 1759 said:

Nice start, winning the Champions League and Italian Cup is nothing to be scoffed at.

Good luck in your next season 😀

Thanks man.

added 0 minutes later
56 minutes ago, danovic78 said:

Nice start, have used Browne a few times this year, very versatile midfielder and always a 7/8 of out 10 man.

Precisely how he was during this save, could never find the consistency throughout the season

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Season 2

Following what can be called an underwhelming season, despite the 2 cup wins the people of Turin wanted more. As Juventus were in the market to bolster their squad once more, the availability of a World Cup winner did not go unnoticed.



Introducing Thomas Lemar, a signing that can take Juve’ to the next level and beyond? It has certainly seemed that way as the early stages of the season come to a close. 

Most noticeably notching a goal and an assist to bring the super cup home.


The first hatrick of this career! (4)


Second trophy of the season as it’s not even January! This time Lamar ran the show, will this season be a clean sweep?2E520FC8-6E28-4164-A7F7-CDC15C36593B.thumb.png.b640c55916f3b71eb5359883fe714715.png


As the season went on performances dipped and to top it all off injury struck Lemar.



However... in the cup we were as dominant as ever bringing home the champions league and Italian cupE06516E1-B2FB-4604-AD97-8711152EC4F6.thumb.png.7cbbf531f46e14775d950ccbbfe78941.png


less can be said about the league though.


very poor.

In terms of Lemar’ personal season he was on fire, and would’ve finished on a higher total if it wasn’t for injuries.




Goals : 29

Assists : 17

Grand Total : 78


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