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iScout Kamal Bafounta - Tipped to be Next Pogba?

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Hello guys,

Today I will be sharing about this player I have been intrigued since his announcement for signing for Borussia Dortmund from Nantes last year.5D96D4C0-CFB0-4A23-A9EA-0679CF73E010.thumb.jpeg.ba28b84a416bc712cb03fad83f747f8c.jpeg

Name:Kamal Bafounta Ortega

Age: 16


Without Further ado,here we go!


Here is his base stats at start of season 1

His strongest stats include Aerial Ability(14,undoubtedly),Strength(12),Agression(12)

Looks nothing alike to Pogba’s stats...


2 Seasons on,


His stats still look nothing like Pogba’s but there are a few greens.His value has risen significantly from £325k to £6.5m!5881ABFF-185E-4055-8654-366BA02588BF.thumb.png.e6b32ad210b5cce498b86b0dd6fe608d.png

Performance wise,I personally felt he plays pretty well for a young player.He was really solid for all the 41 games he played for me in that 41 games.Probably my favourite aspect about him was the price you could get,though I may not be sure if he is superb for that price.I signed him on £500k at the start of first season and by the end of the second season,I sold him for £15M.The profit may be minimal for a big team but for a smaller team in perhaps championship or lower,That money may come crucial



He is in no way close to Pogba standards however I feel he would a great bargain player if you are doing a lower division career mode.Hopefully,We will see this man achieve his potential of being the next “Pogba”1B01B9B5-2D37-4E18-A5ED-C770F3B8CA29.thumb.png.19a2efe4937d60738300b974dce6cdea.png16364063-73E5-4558-8ECF-FB8DA785923B.thumb.png.1347fafb884becafa6d8c373acf46612.png

Small little updates as I progress through my save:


He has some small improvements such as Passing(+1),Stamina(+3),Strength(+2)



I would say not too bad however I expected slightly more from him due to the fact that he is playing in the championship but I’m not going to go too hot on him as he was really just a 500k signing and I don’t expect him to go full ham Pogba in just a few Seasons.

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