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Career Dundee United; Awakening sleeping giants?

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 Dundee United; Awakening sleeping giants?



Once upon a time Dundee United were on top of the world. Formed in 1909 known originally as 'Dundee Hibernian' it would not be until 14 years later in 1923 the club would be known as Dundee United, Nicknamed The Terrors. Dundee United would breakthrough to the world in the 80's known too many fans as the 'Jim McLean era' as he led the club to a Scottish league cup win against rivals Dundee, A Scottish Premiership league title. McLean led the Terrors into Europe for 14 consecutive years, and made clear they were not only in the competition to take part. Dundee United travelled all over Europe as the small unknown team from Scotland, They would not be unknown for long as Dundee United cruised past teams such as Barcelona, AS Monaco, Monchengladbach and PSV. Dundee United would reach the UEFA cup semi final in 84, but an alleged bribe scandal meant that they were knocked out by Roma despite winning 3-0 in the first home leg. 4 years later in 87 they would now be in the UEFA Cup final only to loose against IFK Goteborg but awarded the UEFA fair play award due to the fans respect to IFK Goteborg as they celebrated around Tannadice Park, Did you know Dundee United are the only British club to have a 100% Record against Barcelona, P4 W4? The club would also win the Scottish cup in 1999 and 2010. Where are they now?

Dundee United now play in the second tier of Scottish football, after the sales of key players during the 2016 summer transfer window, Dundee United were unable to replace Ryan Gauld, John Souttar, Stuart Armstrong, Gary Mackay Stevens and Nadir Ciftci. After challenging Celtic for the title in the 2015/16 season, the following year were relegated by arch rivals Dundee as a 2-1 loss ultimately relegated them, a great shame for many involved with the club.

 Aims for the Career

  • Achieve Promotion from the Scottish Championship
  • Domestic trophies
  • European Qualification
  • Scottish Dominance
  • European Dominance
  • Payback on Dundee
  • Make Scotland a country to be reckoned with?  




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Season 1; Part 1.

If I had just one words to describe how the first half of season 1 went I would choose okay. 



With a huge £0 transfer budget the board clearly weren’t backing me and my targets, this meant making the most of loans and free transfers. Pereira and Paljk came in slotting right into the first team, while Hulm and Wintzheimer came in as back up players.


Not much going on also in terms of players leaving, youth players aiming to gain vital experience and transfers out for dead wood players at the club.

key players/Meet the team


A basic formation as we focused on getting the ball up the pitch in quick fashion and scoring goals.

The 2 best players came in the form of Safranko and new signing Pereira who have been a class above everyone in the league, I hope to make Pereira’s stay permanent come summer.


Results and League


Our first Month July games came quick and fast, we had little time to play around with tactics as in Scotland you are fired straight into the group stages of a domestic cup rather than playing friendlies - 4 wins from 4 meant we topped our group and went into the second round of the cup. I couldn’t really ask for more. We then kept a solid run going until the later stages of September when we played 3 games in just 9 days, admittedly poor management from myself playing tired players meant we had a dip in form and getting knocked out the Betfred cup quarter final, a respected effort as Hearts currently are a superior team.


October seen some key results beating challengers Ayr comfortably and going unbeaten. We wobbled in November the loss to ross county being most painful as it would have ensured we went 6 points clear at the time. A shaky end to the year with some slips but in the bigger picture a decent start to the save.5A4A421A-EC45-4D09-88C6-E2D58647C307.thumb.png.f17221b4284c48c416c53c8cde87de79.png

Which see’s Dundee United top of the league. Only 2 points but I hope to build on that as the season comes to a close.

Come on the Terrors!

*Sidenote I’m treating the Irn Bru Cup as a nothing tournament, as it’s mostly against the smaller teams in Scotland as top league teams are not aloud to compete.*


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End of season 1; Champions!

We done it. Champions. We cruised to the title with our nearest competitor a mild 12 points behined. Although pleasing it was expected, just glad I didn’t make an arse of it.65486715-129A-4188-8313-FAE45BA6DB4A.thumb.png.dcd6b1ed7aa4377db39c11c4b4ee30c7.png


although we topped the charts when it came to goals conceded, I aim to leak in fewer goals next season, a challenging task that should be fun.



A strong dominant second half of the season, allowed us to sail away from any nearest competitors, a performance that stands out for me was the Celtic match, a huge test and we bravely battled out for the full 90, only to be beaten by a last minute goal, glimpses of what we can put up with next season. The Irn Bru up win gave an extra trophy to my name and a good day out for the supporters. Disappointed with the defeat to Queen of the south, but no major issues. Plain sailing as of now, I expect next season to be a challenge.

Player of the season

Surprisingly: Yannick Loemba!901FE6D7-6E06-42FD-A4CE-60105FDF7F0A.thumb.jpeg.2ccf01a0b7d321929ba15720bc55782a.jpeg

Originally a fringe player to begin with, as injuries hit he became involved frequently, and I was very surprised with him. A silly winger with the ability to beat any defender, a wicked crosser and would chip in with the occasional goal. Involved in 25 goals from the 26 games he played. 29 years old he’s certainly no wonderkid, will I move him on or keep him for next season?

Players to Watch


I identified these 3 players early as the youth outlets of the save. Most impressive Declan Glass who looks to have real ability and coukd be here long term. Archie Thomas a Young midfielder previously at Southampton bring a presence in midfield, a player I’m looking to break into the first team. Mati Zata currently is only a fringe player who may be loaned out next season and could potentially be a future starter.

Looking forward to next season.


* apologies if this layout/career is poor, first attempt can only get better :) *



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Dundee United is always a decent save, forever bringing through youth, Well done on the promotion though will be a massive season next year but with the teams currently in the Prem you should manage to stay up👍

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Season 2; Steadying the ship.

As season 2 came in, my first in the premiership I set myself one goal, and one goal only, survival. I targeted players I felt could keep me up in the division and with luck do more.E438923F-FFB7-4026-974D-124C89BC5E5F.thumb.png.8795405b85c9287fe5930f37966539bf.png

The first player to stand out is most likely Kerr Waddell, a young player with bags of potential if trained right made the switch from Dundee to Dundee United, stirring the city in which seemed a pot for months, a hated character by the Dundee Fans. Along with him came in veteran Stephen Dobbie, a man who knows the Scottish game inside and out, also I hoped he can continue his goal scoring form in the top league. Jake Mulraney came from Hearts a young winger, which I could hope only get better in time. Mikey Johnson came on loan from Celtic, a signing which angered the fans and questioned why we were developing rivals players. Others were signed to act as back up incase of injury crisis.



Outwent Fraser Aird who pushed a move away and Lewis Toshney, a fringe player. Youngsters went on loan as expected.






As expected, from the ability from the squad results were mixed and very inconsistent, enough to survive, as we watched rivals Dundee get relegated, dissapointing I must say. One silver lining from the season is that payback on Dundee came quickly as we relegated them during a 5-0 win away. A personal highlight.



Next season I aim to begin to establish my squad which I wish to challenge with, expect major shift in players. My target for next season is a top 6 finish and at a push Europe qualification.

Remember, It’s not a sprint!, Slow and steady wins the race.

Come on the Terrors.

Next update Pre-Season of season 3.



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Season 3; Pre-Season

As the new season approaches there’s a different sort of feel around the club, optimism is widespread and the fans are right behined the managamenet team. I was handed 400k to deal with in the transfer window, here’s who came out and in.


Ramsdale and Cockerill both released from premier league clubs and will slot straight into the first team, I’m hoping for an impact from them. Mikaël Mandron came in for a sweet 275K, a target man with an eye for goal, one to watch.



out went Samu and more dead weight at the club releaving a lot of financial pressure.


Betfred Cup and Meet the squad

I decided to field out my main squad in these Betfred cup games, testing tactics and players. In step every new signing and academy graduates Archie Thomas and Scott Allerdice look to cement there place in the team.


In previous years I had underperformed in the Betfred cup, so I was wary of each opponent.


4 games, 4 opponents.



4 played, 4 Won

14 scores and 2 conceded I was estatic with the start, we played with real style and I have real optimism for the season ahead.

Star of preseason 


new into the squad, Allerdice played superbly. Coming out of nowhere I thought I’d give him a chance, and oh boy didn’t it pay off, he looks to become a real player.

Very excited to get the season underway. Let’s go get that #EuroPush!





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Just because it seems like your not getting much attention doesn’t mean people weren’t enjoying  it. Dundee Utd were my go to club back on CM97/98, with Andy Mclaren on my left wing and Robbie Winters on the right. 

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18 hours ago, DaringElephant said:

Story isn’t gaining much attention

Think I’m gonna call it a day, and bring something new.

You should keep going if you enjoy it. I like to view many things on here, but rarely comment and I'm sure others do too. I know I've enjoyed this career so far.

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19 hours ago, DaringElephant said:

Story isn’t gaining much attention

Think I’m gonna call it a day, and bring something new.

Have only picked up on this today, definitely keep going if you're enjoying it. I'm enjoying the read! 

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On 15/01/2019 at 17:47, DaringElephant said:

Story isn’t gaining much attention

Think I’m gonna call it a day, and bring something new.

as others have said... do it for you, mate :) if you enjoy it, play it, and keep us updated. that's what i'm doing with my Dynamo Dresden save! it's not got many comments but i'm happy playing it and updating it...

this definitely got my attention as i remember one of my great old champman saves was Albion Rovers... so i might give Scottish Div 3 to Champions League a go on here... if/when i get bored of Dresden :D

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