I’ve decided that now is the time for me to attempt the 1k goal challenge. I’m not sure how this will go as I’ve not actually tested anything fully in terms of getting most goals from the striker. I’ll be sort of testing as I go in the first few seasons.  Here is the challenge. Team: PSG I went with PSG because it’s my first attempt at a 1k so thought I’d go with a massive club in an easy league to give me the best chance of success. Player: Troy Parrott Here he is! The Irish wonderkid signed from Tottenham. I wanted somebody with potential and the fact that he’s just 16 will hopefully give me a few years to tinker with things whilst his stats develop.  I like the green for aggression and hopefully his aerial will increase rapidly. His physicals aren’t great but at only 16 is to be expected although the stamina of just 7 is a concern and I expect I’ll have difficulty getting him on the field in the first few years. Season 1 update will follow probably tomorrow