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Help Reserve/youth squad

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Firstly, is my reserve squad my youth squad? 

I remember from a previous game you had to offer contracts and release/sell to get better players in there. Is that true? If not how do I get better players in there?

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31 minutes ago, TheGreatWerebear said:

Firstly, is my reserve squad my youth squad? 

Yes and no. You can put any player you want in the reserves although it would be more common to have youngsters in that squad that you hope will eventually be good enough for the 1st team squad.

You will get graduates from the youth academy offered to you at the end of the season that can join the reserve team and the quality of these players depends on the quality of your youth facilities and an element of luck. You can then also go out and look for youngsters that you can sign and try and develop yourself.

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I think OP is talking about the greyed out players. You get these when you don't have a lot of actual players (in reserve or first team). They change daily I think, but you can turn them into real players by offering contracts. 

Some people have had success offering these contracts and them turning into decent players. 

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These players are actually based on existing players but not on their PA. They match with players positions, footedness, Aerial, Technique, Aggression, Leadership, Teamwork, Pace, Stamina and Strength, even squad number

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