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Career FC Internazionale CentreBack - Save Round Up

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1 hour ago, Foxy said:

Careful you don’t get splinters in your arse mate 😂



I'm going to put good vibes out there and say 3 - 1 to us.


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2 hours ago, Foxy said:

The final has been played!!!



You will all have to wait for tonight until you find out what happened 😉

Can you at least tell us the score?

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This is it the moment you have all been waiting for, can 10 CB’s win a Champions League?

Team B vs Man Utd Neutral

I have decided to stick with the format from the Coppa Italia and show you some gifs of key moments in the match.

11th Minute

This was the first half chance of the game as @DutchTony Koulibaly wins the header and flicks on for the on rushing @Gideon_J Stones but he can’t quite get his shoot away and it’s blocked.



17th Minute

This was a similar move to the last one as @sharaziuk Manolas wins then flick on this time and @DutchTony Koulibaly is through.



35th Minute

Some neat passing in midfield from Man Utd leads to Lukaku in a little pocket of space.....



Man Utd take a 1 goal lead into half-time.

58th Minute

The last thing we need to to go 2-0 down as that would be curtains for this match but following a foul outside the box Rashford had a good chance.



76th Minute

The clocks ticking but we have a free kick just outside the box and an in form @Damilare Luiz standing over it.



87th Minute 

It’s now or never and again @Damilare Luiz is over a free kick.



With that chance gone the game went with it and Man Utd were European champions. No CCC for either team but we had more shots but couldn’t make them count.


It wasn’t a bad performance but just not good enough in the end. It was a hell of a ride to the final though.



That brings our final match update to an end. Tomorrow I will reveal the final results and which players won there respective categories and who was the best in save.

Cheers Lads.



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Seems like we were a wee bit unlucky in the final but as I said yesterday it was just a bonus as far as I’m concerned. 

A fabulous season with both team playing their part. I really enjoyed following this and you have put it across brilliantly. Great work on the graphics too. 😀

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So close and seemed we played well too.

Looking forward to the results reveal.

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Mourinho must've got sacked during the season... 

If someone said we'd reach the final of the Champions League at the start of the save I would've called them stupid. Grew from strength to strength each game I think, lost silly points too but it's a team of defenders... 

What next @Foxy, new season or a team of goalkeepers? 

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16 minutes ago, sharaziuk said:

What next @Foxy, new season or a team of goalkeepers

Neither as a 2nd season wouldn’t add anything more to this save and goalkeepers would again just be more of the same but in different packaging. 

I don’t know what will be next. I have a few ideas including a long save and a couple of 1 season save ideas. I am also messing around with a new tactic but I don’t know if it will ever end up being used for anything.


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It’s time to round everything up in this save but if I have missed anything just let me know.


It’s hard to complain with how this season went considering it was a squad of CB’s. It would have been good to get closer to Juventus in the league and of course not to have lost a Champions League final but it went better than I ever expected.


Série A


Coppa Italia Final


Champions League Final


It’s time to reveal which team won.

It was close all the way through the save until the final month when Team A had 3 draws and lost any chance of overtaking Team B. The two teams were an interesting contrast as Team B were the entertainers as they scored more but conceded more as well. Team A had a much more solid defence but struggled for goals if @1759 Ramos didn’t score. In the end that lack of goals cost them as they drew too many games.

🎉 Congratulations to Team B 🎉


That brings us to the players.

Congratulations to...

Team A Best Defender: @Titjes Kehrer 

Team B Best Defender: @Lapalapalup Lindelof

Team A Best Midfielder: @Rob Upamecano 

Team B Best Midfielder: @Damilare Luiz

Team A Best Striker: @1759 Ramos

Team B Best Striker: @DutchTony Koulibaly

And the biggest congratulations goes to our best player overall.

@Damilare Luiz 🎉

Player Stats








We have seen how everyone performed within the team but how did they compare  to the rest of the league?








Yellow Cards


Red Cards




The last thing to do is every players final attributes.

Team B


@Woody Skriniar


@Mr Tree Mepham


@Titjes Kehrer 


@Nucleus Van Dijk


@Foxy Gonzalez


@Rob Upamecano 


@eekim28 Ajer


@Ran7777 de Ligt


@samhardy O’Shea


@1759 Ramos


Team B


@Sonneratia Dier


@CamelXCVII Lemos


@Lapalapalup Lindelof


@URz Maguire


@Ashez Ginter


@smoggy90 Marquinhos 


@Damilare Luiz


@Gideon_J Stones


@sharaziuk Manolas


@DutchTony Koulibaly 



I hope that is everything.

I want to thank everyone for taking part and suggesting players and then following along and getting into the spirit of the save. This whole save has exceeded expectations in terms of everyone getting involved and how it went on the pitch. I could never have predicted that this would have gone so well and we would actually win a trophy and be in with a shout at 2 more as well. The tactic had been tested in a save once before this one and although it had worked well with players that suited the tactic it was a bit of a gamble that it would work with this squad. I have massively enjoyed this save and playing along as you guys have been reading it so I only knew what had happened just before I wrote an update.

Cheers lads.


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Ronaldo still absolutely annihilating everyone else in the league...

What a great season. Well done everyone.

Thanks Foxy for this great idea and for the in-depth and entertaining write ups!

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It was fun following this ;) 

The teams actually did pretty good considering everyone was a defender :) 

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Cheers foxy, was fun to take part. When is  the FC Internazione Goalkeeper event taking place???😉

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Well in B team, I believed in you boys since day one and we got the job done! A team put up some fight but in the end they just weren't good enough 😛

Thanks for everything @Foxyand congratulations on another wildly successful save, you're the man.....The Fox!

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10 hours ago, Ashez said:

Well in B team, I believed in you boys since day one and we got the job done! A team put up some fight but in the end they just weren't good enough 😛

Thanks for everything @Foxyand congratulations on another wildly successful save, you're the man.....The Fox!

was there not a wee competition going on between you and @Foxyhimself in the DM positions? just that i notice one rating is higher than the other and that there hasn't been much comment on that... isn't there some sort of prize or forfeit involved 🎣

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Thanks for all the kind words guys and I’m glad you enjoyed this save as much as I did. Sometimes the stupid ideas turn out to the the best ones 😁

1 hour ago, Mr Tree said:

isn't there some sort of prize or forfeit involved 🎣

There is a forfeit for @Ashez and that’s the fact he has to listen and pretend to be interested in my terrible save ideas 😛

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