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Career Geordiekrispy's Curzon Ashton Challenge


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As I was in between challenges I decided to try and go for a short one season, no specific player requirements challenge, namely the @Foxy's Chippenham or Curzon One Season Challenge:


As a good northern lad, I had an aversion to picking Chippenham, and also I've spent a fair amount of time in Ashton-under-Lyme as is was were my Uni girlfriend's family were from.


It also let me try out my tactics for probably my next big career of a 1k from the bottom up, but more on that later.


The League:

Pre-Season didn't go well at all, but it's to be expected as I was trying to get a semi-pro team playing a gengen pressing style tactic (which I knew was possible after my failed UK goal challenge) but it didn't feel like I was off to too bad a start when I had this as my second league result:
It's same to say that I'd decided that Niall Cummins was my main striker after this game, which differs to the other attempts of this challenge (they'd gone for Morgan).
My results for the first half of the season were not amazing but very decent:








The league table at this point was looking ok, AFC Telford had been on top of the table for most of this half and I'd only been able to sneak past them on goal difference in December



The second half of the season was pretty much the same as the first, decent but not amazing:





The league table ended up as this:



Winning the league, but not in any form of comfort, those multiple score draws meant I was not going to be top of the joint challenge leaderboard.


FA Cup

The qualifying rounds started ok, with an emphatic win in the 3rd qualifying round against Mickleover



The fourth qualifying round also went my way with a not quite as convincing win over Flyde



Next up was the first round against Bradford City, I managed to force a replay at home



But then failed to find the net and ended up being knocked out



FA Trophy

Lets hope for a bit more success in the FA Trophy (against lower quality teams, so fingers crossed!)

Starting with the third qualifying round against St. Albans, things don't go according to plan...



Luckily I managed to get a good win in the replay



Next up Spennymoor Town in the first round proper and I get a decent win



Second round sees us go to Chorley where we again manage a decent win



Third round and it's a home game against Sutton, where again we win



Forth Round is a massive home game against Wrexham



And we're through to the semi's!

But who will we get...

Leyton orient...

My dreams of a cup run pop...or do they?

First leg, tight affair and we're going to have to play well to get through to the final.



Second leg was a somewhat one sided affair in the end



The final!  And we're up against the massive Aldershot... well massive in that it's a lot of letters in the name...





In the end it was an enjoyable little challenge, the no transfers was definitely a nice tweak, but I feel like I'm more at home in the lower leagues than up in the Champions League, I've definitely made more FM careers going from the bottom up in various countries than I have trying to win everything with the top teams.

So by my reckoning my points total is:

91 league points + GD of 52 + 2*3 (FA Cup wins) + 7*3 (FA Trophy) = 170 points.

@Foxy can you check and pop me on the leaderboard please, and the for the Warnock Challenge too?


Side note:

I thought I'd share my exploits of the legend that is the peaked and declining Niall Cummins



Samizadeh could have been my main striker, but he broke into the Iranian national team and so wasn't available for about a third of the games.




58 goals in 46 games ( he missed 3 weeks due to injury) means that with the right support (and possibly a better formation) I reckon you might be able to get 100 goals in the bottom tier of the English leagues with the right player.  Now to find that right player and try (and probably fail) my 1k attempt!

Screenshot_20190126-150354_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20190126-161409_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20190126-161617_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

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On 26/01/2019 at 12:41, geordiekrispy said:

had an aversion to picking Chippenham

Nothing wrong with Chippenham!!!

Great score mate and straight to the top of the Curzon leaderboard and I’m glad the Gegen helped as a base. I would be interested in the tweaks you made.

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