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Career Dezzy078, Augusta golf challenge


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So for some reason I thought that it would be a good decision to start the Augusta golf challenge set by @samhardy which looks like a hell of a challenge which I will struggle to complete but anyway.

I choose Celtic as the team I will play with



Hole one- Double Bogey


Season 2- pink striker

for my pink striker I choose Callum O’Hare from Aston Villa (pink 3rd kit) as he was out of contract so very cheap and not a bad option but not the strongest

0722F0B6-36CC-4506-A1DA-4CCCD0188ED8.thumb.png.75248258b4c0137db0b40cdb40762fb8.pngEFE6C125-0ACB-44B5-BF45-B9DDAD28A659.thumb.jpeg.0acdd9f87ff52f16e1ecb08a97752b78.jpegIn the transfer window, we let go of Tierney as I decided to start playing 3 centre backs and no full backs. Mulumbu went by choice

This season we qualified for the champions league and managed to come top in a group with European giants, Juventus and Man City, which I am quite pleased with


Another decent season with us winning all the Scottish competitions and doing decent in Europe this time getting to the quarter finals of the champions league to get drawn against Barcelona which went horribly wrong.


Despite the season we still struggled with the challenge this time coming 7 off the minimum target by scoring 23 goals. This partly down to me being crap at the game and him being injured for the first 15 matches



Hole two- Double Bogey

little add on, Scotland’s league coefficient has gone from orange to blue which means we’ve got an extra champions league spot.




A decent start to hole 3, only 2 league games in and PJ Crossan (a striker who has come through the reserves) scored our first hat trick



Right so, after a very poor run of form getting knocked out of cups and low in the league I have managed to get sacked so the challenge is over

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9 hours ago, geordiekrispy said:

Good luck, Celtic could be a really good choice for this challenge.

Yes hopefully, I was thinking between Celtic and PSG and thought that Celtic would be more relaxed with signing certain players

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