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Fun/Games 2019 Vibe Premier League

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· Posted (edited)

The Vibe Premier League Final

Today will be the final update in this historic thread as it's my duty......no my privilege to announce who won this year's event. We've seen some tremendous saves over the last few weeks and some heart breaking failures but all those roads led to this final encounter as @Foxy takes on @samhardy


In this final challenge our competitors were tasked with picking a side of their choosing as long as they didn't have continental football, after that they were forced to remove their highest and worst rated player from the squad each month while only receiving one player in return. On paper I think we all thought this looked a brutal sounding challenge but it's now time to see how it turned out in practice. 

The Final
Samhardy Vs Foxy
Averaging Out + Selling Them Fastly

The Clubs Chosen 

Samhardy - Linfield - Northern Ireland
Foxy - West Ham United  - England 

Our finalists had the pick of Europe but Foxy stayed with what he knows by heading to London while Samhardy took a massive risk heading to Linfield. We have two very different approaches here with Sam going to a weaker league where he might struggle for signings while Foxy has decided on one of the toughest leagues available knowing he'll have the pull of the Premier League. Simply fascinating stuff this! 

Point System Reminder

The points for this final are the competitors league points combined with one point per cup round passed. 

The League


Samhardy - 1
Foxy - 0

Foxy makes the perfect start as we see our first shock of the night with Foxy pulling off an undefeated league season! Sam's side only losing once is also impressive but first blood goes to the Fox! 


Samhardy - 2
Foxy - 9 

Just like that however Sam lands a counter as while undefeated seasons are good they only really make a difference if you win and unfortunately Foxy dropped 18 points due to draws. It's still two extremely impressive campaigns though! 


Samhardy - 35
Foxy - 29 

Current Scores
Samhardy - 107
Foxy - 96

Despite the different approaches the final is still reasonably tight as Samhardy holds an 11 point lead as we head into the final stage of this challenge. 

The Cup Stage 

League Cup - Winner - 6 Points
FA Cup - Runner Up - 5 Points 

Wow...Wow...Wow! Foxy levels things up at 107 a piece! All he needs is Sam to flop in his cups and we'll have a second leg!! 











Unfortunately for Foxy this is where his journey ends as Samhardy pulled off an absolute blinder here by picking Linfield! Not only did he have a weaker league but he also found himself competing in not 1, not 2 but 5 domestic cups! Foxy might of had a chance of Sam flopping in one or two cups but in 5 the odds were in the Black Cats favour as he collected 23 more points. 

Final Scores 

Samhardy - 130
Foxy - 107 

Two bravely fought challengers but @samhardy is your Champion!! Congratulations!!

Playoffs champ sam.png

Foxy put up one hell of a fight but I think Sam's club choice was the defining moment in this challenge, if Foxy also considered the idea or if Sam ended up in a bigger league I think this would have been a real nail bitter! I heard the different approaches early on and in truth I was worried for Foxy but he absolutely smashed it, this time however Sam out thought him winning the challenge in the planning but also on the field, I'm so impressed with them both. 

Finally I'd like to thank @samhardy for running most of this event, @Nucleus for being my right hand man, @Foxy for his fabulous graphics and finally every member that took part or viewed these adventures. You are why these events take place! 

Edited by Ashez

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Firstly thanks to @samhardy and @Ashez for doing the hosting honours and also @Nucleus for helping out as well. This has been an excellent event with some great challenges and some frustrating ones as well but that’s all part of the fun.

As for the result of the final I knew the draws would cost me big style and of course my league choice was a risk as well but I thought I would have a better chance of scoring a decent total with West Ham.

@samhardy you have earned this mate.



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Enjoyed that @Ashez and I like how you kept them waiting for a couple of days before the reveal.

Well done @samhardy, a great campaign you’ve had and if I recall correctly you were quite unlucky in the league faze and it was touch and go whether you’d go through. My first save on this years game was a save in NI and I can remember all those cups so was good thinking that.

Unlucky @Foxy, feel like the team choice looks to have made the difference but still a cracking season with West Ham that is.

I already thanked everyone when I went out so won’t do again but a great tournament it’s been. Really enjoyed taking part and following.😀

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Congratulations @samhardy, really well played. Commiserations @Foxy, had he chosen any other team/league I’m sure I’d be congratulating you! That’s a tough challenge that, one that in slightly accustomed to and you both passed it with flying colours!

No need to thank me for my contribution as there quite simply wasn’t any 😛

Nice write up @Ashez and a couple of cracking challenges!


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· Posted (edited)

Well done to both of you for a greatly fought final.

@samhardy you made the perfect choice there with Linfield in the end and deserved the win despite @Foxy having a phenominal season really.

A huge well done to all competitors for making this years VPL the best yet but the biggest thanks go to @Ashez , @Nucleus and @samhardy for being fantastic hosts.

Edited by Woody

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53 minutes ago, 1759 said:

I like how you kept them waiting for a couple of days before the reveal.

That was me purely being lazy and taking advantage of the deadline not passing, I'll take the credit though for sure 😂. Even if it did earn me abuse from an unnamed finalist 😛

54 minutes ago, Nucleus said:

No need to thank me for my contribution as there quite simply wasn’t any 😛

Don't be daft, you fleshed out the SF challenge after I was stuck for a hook and I'd never have settled on the final challenge without you testing it. Hell you even made unrequited third place play off challenge iirc. I hope people into it in the hope they'll replace me you see 😛

Not in the dickhead way this sounds but these events need experienced people in charge to let them run smoothly, once upon a time @samhardytaught me the ropes and I like to pass that shit on. 

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On 04/02/2019 at 10:05, samhardy said:

2019 Vibe Premier League

Welcome to the second edition of the Vibe Premier League! Last year's "community event of the year" returns for a second edition after the drama (and there was lots of it) last year. It ended up with @PriZe lifting the title after a lucky last minute winner over me in the final, after topping the league phase as well. If you want to read what went down last year in full then click the link below:

Chloe the Cow makes an appearance as the preview picture :P


This is an invitational event and the 8 members invited were chosen by @Foxy and myself. We went for a mixture of experienced vibers, as well as people who have made big waves on the site this year, and most importantly can be trusted to submit honestly and each week.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the 8 managers battling it out for the crown this year:


flag-england2x.png&key=32908f503b67f98de Foxy

flag-england2x.png&key=32908f503b67f98de samhardy

flag-wales2x.png&key=df3b8e39324a237d209 Nucleus

flag-belgium2x.png&key=25eb4caf8a0aa8088 Titjes

flag-england2x.png&key=32908f503b67f98de Woody

flag-england2x.png&key=32908f503b67f98de smoggy90

flag-england2x.png&key=32908f503b67f98de 1759

flag-england2x.png&key=32908f503b67f98de DutchTony


The Format - How this will run

The first thing to say is that this will run similarly, but not identically to last year. The key change is the reduction of participants from 10 to 8 after taking on board advice last year that it potentially "dragged out" and went on for a couple weeks too many. As a result, elimination is no more, so it'll just be 7 weeks of H2Hs with the top 4 qualifying for the all important playoffs.

There'll be two main honours to be fought for - The League phase champion, which will be awarded simply to the manager who tops the league after 7 weeks. However, after 7 weeks the top 4 placed managers will enter the all important playoffs - semi finals followed by a final to decide who succeeds @PriZe as Vibe Premier League champion.

Points system

The unique "real football" score system will remain in place after its success last year. When all the results come in for each week, I'll divide them into 4 separate categories, 1st + 2nd, 3rd + 4th, 5th + 6th and 7th + 8th. The top two points scorers in the round will be awarded 3 points (or goals for the purpose of the matchup) and someone in the lowest category (7th or 8th) will score 0 goals. So, If the highest scorer played the lowest scorer in a round then the higher scorer would win the H2H 3-0. If the two managers facing off against each other were the two lowest scorers then it'd be a 0-0 draw and both would get a point each.

The highest scorer in the round will earn a bonus point in the league, with the lowest scoring having a point deducted from their total. Any confusion over this as it's quite hard to explain just take a glance through last year's competition.

Plan of attack

I'll be posting the fixture list, along with the schedule for the entirety of the competition tomorrow, and we will get underway on Wednesday when the first challenge is posted.

Best of luck to all involved and hopefully everyone enjoys following this!

Thanks to the Gloucestershire Gladiator @Foxy for providing graphics throughout this tournament.


  Reveal hidden contents
  • 1 - Wednesday 6th - Monday 11th (Half-season)
  • 2 - Wednesday 13th - Monday 18th (Half-season)
  • 3 - Wednesday 20th - Wednesday 27th (Full-season)
  • 4 -  *MARCH* Friday 1st - Wednesday 6th (Half-season)
  • 5 -  Friday 8th - Thursday 14th (Full-season)
  • 6 - Monday 18th - Friday 22nd (Half-season)
  • 7 - Monday 25th - Friday 29th (Full-season)
  • Playoffs - *APRIL* (Semis - Monday 1st - Friday 5th) (Final - Monday 8th - Friday 12th)

League Season Finished

Well what a VPL it’s been. The write ups have been amazing from Ashez and Sam and the competitiveness has been unbelievable. Easily the best event I’ve ever followed and the quality was astounding and just incredible work Samhardy, with the win! This is what makes Vibe, Vibe. The FMM, the banter and the community all in one. 


Bravo Vibe, Bravo.

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Thanks everyone, I'm pleased to win it as there was loads of brilliant individual performances throughout the tournament. It was a fantastic final with another great performance from myself but also from @Foxy as we only dropped 29 points between us in our seasons.

I think GD wasn't included to put me at a disadvantage but as soon as I saw the points system I knew I had the upper hand as when GD isn't involved it means there's a maximum points total when there usually isn't. Therefore I ended up playing for more points than Foxy by going to NI which made the difference in the end.

I've already thanked everyone for taking part so no need to do so again, also thanks @Ashez although you're sacked for next year :P

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26 minutes ago, samhardy said:

think GD wasn't included to put me at a disadvantage

Not as such tbh, as you know I'm always iffy on GD being used for a points system as it can be pretty broken. I used it in the last round purely due to its ease of use but I decided against it in the final to not make extra leagues super broken and to make it more of a shoot out. 

The biggest issue with these events is always a fair and reliable points system imo, we make do sure but anything used can and has been exploited. 

31 minutes ago, samhardy said:

although you're sacked for next year :P

I'm praised for my challenges yet up for the sack, I'll remember that 😂

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