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Chat Fmm 2019 player regens

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This is my 1st year playing football manager mobile! Im loving it but can someone please explain how player regens work and how to find them? Also how long after a player retires does there regen get released ?

Appreciate everyones help and advice 


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Regens are basically “replacement” players of those that have retired.So let’s say Ronaldo has retired(at no fixed year).Try filtering out by footedness(exactly the same).You should also filter it out by his strongest/main position.Nationality is also a no brainer.However,things like stats would indefinitely be different,so you cannot filter it by stats.Personally,Let’s say you have loaded England,France,Holland,Germany.Imagine you wanted Ngolo Kante’s regen,and imagine it’s 2025, July that he retired.Since his nation is in your loaded database(French Ligue 1),He would have to be gotten from the youth academy from France.This May result in you having to wait until start of 2026 season to get Ngolo Kante’s regen.I hope this makes sense.

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