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Tactics High pressing Wolves with a trequarista


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Hello fellow football managers!

So i was thinking thoroughly about which club in the Premier league (not the top teams) would suit the style of play i want to; which is high pressing football...so i decided to try out on Wolves!

Basically, they have a lot of loaned out players, so i tried to sell a few to get some $$ ;) and yeaah i am using sugar daddy mode n my coaching level is gold...

I think my squad is good enough to qualify for europa league or maybe even champions league... 

Do comment, if i can do better lolz xoxo















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Why does everyone want to play high pressing game??

Anyways you went full Klopp there and I tested it in few games, which I beat them by margin.

Also this tactic will really frustrate your squads stamina, should have more squad depth!

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Personally, I go for full high press if the tactic and team I'm using are good at it because if you're constantly attacking then you're constantly creating chances to score and ultimately win. 

OTOH, I find myself using using committed tackling and closing down all over with a balanced line often. Reason being, I don't want my team to be too risky tackling but I also want my midfielders to tackle hard in midfield. (for some strange reason my defensive midfielders almost never attempt tackles or interceptions...)

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