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Career Around the World in (far more) 80 Games - Career Round Up


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Welcome to my latest career which I hope you will all enjoy.

So far on FMM19 I have only really posted 1 season saves but this time this save will actually go beyond a first season and actually reach early season 3 😮

The idea for this save started as I have been playing a mobile game called Eight Minute Empires quite a lot the last few weeks (if you play it then hit me up and we might be able to arrange a game) and I wanted to try and recreate an FMM save that conquered the world. That then morphed into travelling the world and a save based on the Jules Verne book Around the World in 80 Days and thanks to a good brainstorming session with @Ashez we came up with this.

Background Story

It is likely that you are familiar with the story as it has been made into at least 2 films, a cartoon series (if you are old as me) and is one of the most influential books of all time but if not I will give you just a little background.

Wealthy recluse Phileas Fogg is challenged by his fellow members of The Reform Club to travel around the world in 80 days. They wager him £20,000 (over £2m in today’s money) that he cannot complete the journey in time. On the 2nd October accompanied by his French valet (butler/personal assistant) Jean Passepartout they set out in there journey and many adventures ensue.

My Challenge

In line with the book I am going to try and get my own Fogg and Passepartout to travel the world in 80 games but to do this they are going to need some help from local guides along the way. As in the book we will start in London and with that in mind I will be managing a London club to attempt this challenge.

I did consider Chelsea as they are the closest team to The Reform Club in central London but I have used them a lot in tests on this game and the fact that they have a pretty much ready made squad put me off. 

So instead we will be heading north out of central London past the wonderful Topps Tiles Islington Boutique and basing our journey from the Emirates Stadium, sorry @Rob. This gives me a club with a good base of a squad but also some scope to improve the team before we embark on the journey.


The way this will work is.

  • I am attempting to visit as many nations of the world as I can and hopefully finish back in London in 80 league games.
  • In every nation I visit I must pick a player to be my guide in that nation. That players job in to make sure we travel safely through the nation and to do this he must score a goal in a league match for us.
  • As well as our guide scoring it is up to my Fogg or Passepartout to get an assist in the same match.
  • If that happens we move on to a neighbouring country and buy a new guide to get us through that country.

To try and get as many nationalities as I can I have loaded the following leagues to get a spread of players from around the world. 


So who will be my Fogg and Passepartout?

I have picked a player that I am familiar with for my Fogg in the shape of Keinan Davis. I used him last year in an attempted DT alongside Rashford which was going well before the save file got corrupted and I had to abandon the save. During that save he got plenty of assists so I hope he can replicate that in this save, I also have a desire to use him again as we have unfinished business and finally he is a bargain at just under £9m. 



As my Passepartout I have gone for a player I can’t remember using before so I am venturing into the unknown with Houssem Aouar. I have spent £40m to bring him from Lyon so I hope he can improve and get a good number of assists for us over the save. 



The first league game is when our journey starts as we attempt to leave England. This gives me up to the transfer window closing to build a back up team as Fogg, Passepartout and the guides can’t do this journey all on there own. This squad that I build in the first window will be my squad for the rest of this save except for bringing in new country guides. I can sell players if they become disruptive but I cannot add to the squad.

To be able to do this save I will need to unlock both transfer windows and work permits so I can bring in new guides but I won’t be clicking those buttons until after the first transfer window closes. This will stop me forgetting to stop wheeling and dealing with the squad but also mean I only buy squad players that can get work permits as only the guides get the luxury of not needing those as we will be in there home country when they play for us.


I had a budget of slightly over £100m to start but I reduced that by nearly half just to buy Davis and Aouar so I needed to move on a good number of players to build a squad that I wanted. 


Odds on Lacazette coming back to haunt me in the North London Derby? 

Him and Bellerin were probably the only players that I really rate that I let go but Lacazette would struggle to get games so it was worth cashing in and Bellerin is pretty good but I can get cheaper options. Mustafi and Xhaxa are decent players but they are both flawed in areas of there game so I let them go.

I tried to improve as many areas of the pitch as I could and I am pretty pleased with the work I did. I got some good attacking talent with Lopes and Dilrosun as I need goals and although I want Davis and Aouar to get assists I also need to win games to keep my job so I need goals and assists from lots of angles and with a bit of luck a good number will come form the players I need them to.

I then hopefully strengthened the famous wobbly Arsenal defensive areas. I replaced Monreal with Jonas Hector and Kaderabek came in to replace Bellerin with a nice profit and I also signed youngster Bogle from Derby to be back up RWB. In the centre of defence I brought in the left footed Ben Mee who is an out and out defender who does little flashy but has the attributes needed to perform the role and then a favourite of myself and many others Dayot Upamecano. 





Cups and Rules

The 80 games will all be league matches so that this save will last 2 full seasons and 4 matches of season 3. If I had gone for all matches then I could have potentially played 60-67 matches in season 1 and then only need to play a few games in season 2 but I want to play 2 full seasons.

This means that the cup matches don’t really count towards the challenge but I still have an interest in them. 

We all like to bring back a few presents and souvenirs when we go on holiday and that is what the cups will be. Also to add to that if I make a final in a major cup, Europa/CL or League/FA cup, I get a fuel boost which will allow me to skip one country on my journey.


  • The guide must score and either Davis or Aouar assist in the same league game before I can move on to a new country.
  • The guide must have that nation as his first nationality to be eligible.
  • If there is no strikers in the DB from a nation I must use a player who is natural in an alternative position. If there are no players at all from that nation in the DB I must try and find an alternative route.
  • I can only move to neighbouring nations and try and take a land route as much as possible.
  • I must visit every continent on earth. I will base a nations continent on the football federation they belong to eg Australia counts as Asia, Israel as Europe etc.
  • At the end of the first transfer window I must use the squad I have built with only guides allowed to join the club.

I think that covers everything but if you have any questions or I haven’t explained it well enough don’t be afraid to ask.

I hope lots of you will join me on this journey and it would be great to hear some theories as to the route I will be taking once I have left England.

Cheers lads.

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I utterly love this challenge. It’s a shame where you are starting, but we can’t have everything perfect.

A lovely nod to past Davis careers too!

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Cheers lads and good to have you on the journey.

Forgot to mention in the OP.

I won’t be doing daily updates on this save like I have on others and it will be more like 2 or 3 updates a week as I have the VPL going on as well. The point I stop and update will be quite random instead of monthly as I will group nations together to post and it depends how long it takes me to leave a country.

Should also mix it up in style from other careers I have posted recently as well.

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Saw this earlier today but didn’t have enough time to read it all. Now that I have I think it’s going to be a great career to follow. Should be an interesting journey! 😀

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34 minutes ago, Foxy said:

I can’t blame you for that as I do ramble on a bit once I get going.

That you do but it makes great reading!😉 I’ll look forward to your next update!

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22 hours ago, Ashez said:

Really cool idea this, good luck mate!

Cheers mate and thanks for your help to get the whole idea of the ground 🙂

14 hours ago, samhardy said:

Looking forward to this.


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I was saving my comment for a bump, then I forgot 😕 my bad!

Very unique idea Foxy, very much looking forward to see how this plays out. All the best dude

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2 hours ago, Nucleus said:

I was saving my comment for a bump, then I forgot 😕 my bad!

Very unique idea Foxy, very much looking forward to see how this plays out. All the best dude

At least the thought was there if not the memory 😂

Cheers mate and great to have you onboard the 80 games Funbus.

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It’s time to get this journey going but before I can think about all these exotic countries that we are going to visit we need to get out of the British isles first.

We start at the Emirates Stadium in London so England is the first nation that we need to find a guide to get us to the border.

We have a decent amount (about £20m) in the bank to spend on guides for this journey but for a couple of reasons I don’t want to go crazy with what I pay for each guides.

  1. Once a guide has done his job he has to be sold and it is easier to sell cheaper players than if I pay over the odds for bigger names and then wages can be a factor to put other teams off.
  2. Some nations will have more guide options than others so I need to save the budget for nations with less options.
  3. It will be boring if I go for obvious or big name options for each country we visit and would go against what I feel is the spirit of this save.

England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 

With all that in mind I decided to head to league 2 and Lincoln City and spent £275k on this beast of a player.


I would have loved to bring in an Oxford player but all our strikers are shite so Little John is the man to get us out of England. 

He looks more than up to the task as well.

The opening game of the season vs Brighton and Akinde wastes no time at all as he scores in the 2nd minute and even better the goal was assisted by Keinan Davis meaning we speed though England at top speed.




No messing around too long in England as the FunBus hit top speed straight down the M4 to our next destination.

Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 

We had plenty of choice of guides in Wales with 3 pages of strikers fitting the bill but I decided to go with former Bolton and Burnley youngster Jaime Thomas who arrived on a free.


You can see why I’m sure as what a talent!

We managed a 3-0 win over Newcastle but he couldn’t find the net. The next game was in Wales against Cardiff so it must be written in the stars he would score there.

And he did


Except Davis or Aouar need to get an assist which neither were able to do.


Could it be 3rd time lucky as we took on Leicester?


The answer is yes as it is Davis again with the assist.

Jamie proved a bargain as well as he cost nothing and I got Barnsley to pay £1.5m to take him off our hands.

It took us a little while to get over the mountains and out of the valleys of Wales but we have made it to Pembroke in time for the ferry to....

Ireland 🇮🇪 

As I loaded England down to League 2 there is plenty of Irish options to go with as our guide across the Emerald Isle with the target to get as quickly as we can to Dublin airport as we have a flight booked to our next destination.

I chose Paddy Madden as our guide with him costing £900k from Fleetwood.


We had a few cup games which makes it look worse than it is but after 3 attempts we had yet to make it to the airport.

The results were good and especially a 2-0 win over Man City with Paddy getting a goal but no assists from Davis and Aouar meaning we are still driving round the country lanes of Ireland.



The next game was against Chelsea and our Paddy got his 2nd goal for us and again it was Keinan Davis who got himself an assist.




We finally make the airport for our flight to destination number 4 but you will have to wait to find out where that is.

Round Up

We have made a good start but I would have liked to have got out of Ireland a little quicker.

We are handily placed in the league though.


Davis has been the main man so far but Aouar needs to start producing.


Countries Visted So Far






So we leave this save with us waiting for a flight to country number 4 which if you have any predictions as to where it will be feel free to share in the comments.

Cheers Lads.

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I wasn’t sure I understood this before to be perfectly honest, but now the first update is out I’m all clued up, and I have to say, what a bloody brilliant idea mate 😂 

I’m hoping you don’t go obvious like America tbh so I’m going to say Iceland

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Thanks for all the comments lads 😀

@1759 @Woody @smoggy90 the next destination isn’t Northern Ireland or Scotland as I have other plans for both those nations later on in the save if I can take my preferred route.

@Nucleus is correct we are heading into the Arctic circle and the land of ice and fire for our next stop.

@Rob it wouldn’t have felt right without it so there had to be a map mate.

@Ran7777 sorry I missed your comment before but great to have you on board mate 👍🏻

@samhardy that was force of habit and has now been corrected so thank you for pointing it out. What interests me is that you “noticed” my error 🤔


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9 minutes ago, Gerechtigaids said:

Exciting challenge, but it's hard to see you taking Aouar to China or the US (especially if Aouar improves drastically)

I don’t need to take them to China or the US.

All the matches will be played with me managing Arsenal and then I bring in a player from each nation we visit. To complete a country and move to the next one that player needs to score a goal in a match that Davis or Aouar get an assist. When that happens I sell the goalscorer and buy a new player from the next country and it all starts again.

I admit it’s a bit complicated but hopefully it will make sense as the save goes on.


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