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Chat Important: Using Correct Tags + Relevant Titles


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This doesn't affect the vast majority of vibers as most have the ability to tag and name their threads correctly. Unfortunately though there's still a minority who clearly don't understand what they're doing despite it being pinned and in front of their eyes for the last four years.

The tags are there for a reason. So threads are easier to find in the future, as they'll be sorted into sub-sections, easier for guests to find and pinpoint exactly what they're looking for, and so that the members who start the threads can get the answers they're looking for. Exactly the same thing for titles. If someone is searching for help regarding transfers then how are they meant to find it if the thread is titled inaccurately?

We've seen a few members start a thread looking for help and not getting any replies, not realising they've tagged it as "chat" instead of "help". Don't expect help if you can't even tag it correctly. Also, make it clear in the title what the thread is about instead of just naming a thread "help pls".

Whilst we don’t like dishing out warnings and bans, continually failing to do this is now a warnable offence and any member that offends more than once will receive an official warning and if it continues after that, a ban.

If you're still struggling, then read this. It's spelt out for you with how your threads should be tagged:

It may only be a small feature but it's essential to keep vibe running smoothly. Staff change a lot of these wrongly tagged and named threads, but there will be occasions when some are missed.

If any of you happen to stumble across a thread that you feel is tagged, or named incorrectly then please hit the report button to ensure everything on vibe is accurate and correct.


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