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Challenges The Nathan Pond Challenge


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The Nathan Pond Challenge 

Nathan Pond is an English footballer who plays as a defender/DM for Salford City, he is best known by some however for a 15 year stint at Fleetwood Town, in which he played in 7 divisions earning 6 promotions along the way. He is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the record holder for playing in the most divisions with a single club.

Your challenge is to emulate this unsung legend of the game.


  • (Being very nice here) You must load all the English leagues/ and one/two other leagues. (I will allow the PL-Conference National to be loaded instead of all)
  • Sign/Assign a defender or defensive midfielder to be your new 'Pond'
  • NO CHEATING, as usual no restarting to avoid injuries or using the editor. A career for all of vibe to follow would be recommended
  • After earning all the promotions from the Vanarama National or North/South to the Premier League, you must move to a different team in the other league/s mentioned earlier.
  • In this/these other leagues, you must gain more promotions to the top and crown the new Promotion King


  • Most of the rules were already said above so one last rule is you must play your 'Pond' in all matches possible unless he is injured/condition is orange before match, in which he should be a substitute.


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