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Tactics Merciless 4-2-2-2 Narrow


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RB Leipzig, a team which surprised many after they got champions league football in their first season in the Bundesliga. So after giving it some thought, I decided to use their system with my tweaks and it worked wonders. I hereby present you the 4-2-2-2:


Top scorers and assisters:


Poachers: Werner, Augustin   

Deep Lying Forwards: Poulsen, Cunha, Ibrahimovic

Advanced Playmakers: Forsberg, Almiron, Bruma, Sarabia, Sabitzer

Wing Backs: Mukiele, Halstenberg, Saracchi



Overall: A really solid season for a test run of a tactic. However, there was some weaknesses. This side struggles a little  against the 5-1-2-2, 4-1-4-1, and 5-3-2. You'll score goals but won't have as many chances as other games. Also you'll concede some last minute goals which is fustrating. If caught losing around the 65th minute mark, switch attacking to overload, tackling to commited, high defensive line, offside trap, early crosses, and shoot on sight. My manager profile at the end: Screenshot_20190218-113646.thumb.png.1458c95ce984d8234b3f8a148d34d1f6.pngThanks for reading. 

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10 minutes ago, Yung.Gabe said:

In the process of testing with Real Betis.

Ok I would like to see the results soon

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I test this tactic with my new team Sevilla. Beside the friendly (assistant take over), i can get be best result before facing Barca n Real Madrid. Test the other tatctic before but never suitable. Tq brother.


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Tried it out with a few teams in different leagues and never managed to get any success with it. Shame really as it's a little something different to the usual shapes on here.

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