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Career Aleksandar the Great: A “Risky” 1kc - Seasons 13 and 14


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Welcome to a career which is going to run alongside my 80 Games save.

Over the Xmas holidays and into the new year I did a save with Fulham where I first kept them up and then tried to win the league the following season (it can be found here). When I took over at Fulham when of the players I knew I wouldn’t need or use was Aleksandar Mitrovic as he didn’t fit into mine and @AshezGegenpressing tactic. This was despite the fact that Mitro is a quality striker both in game and I think in real life as well.

I am going to correct this slight on him that I made in that save by using him in an attempt to join @RobVibe 2019 ‘100’ Club. This is the exclusive club that you can only join by getting a player to score 100 or more goals in a season. That total has so far eluded me on FMM19 and in fact I have only achieved it once when Fiete Arp scored 101 goals for me last year in a completed 1kc.

I am also not going to dismiss the prospect of getting a 1kc with Mitro as well but as he turns 24 at the beginning of the first season that is a risky target as I essentially have 10 seasons if he can keep his attributes into his early 30’s. The first target is 100+ goals and if I can consistently get 90+ in the first couple of seasons then we can look towards getting him to that 1k. The risk is that a big injury that could destroy a season would also destroy the 1kc attempt as well.

Sod it let’s think big!!! This is an attempt to join the 100 club with as good a goals to games ratio as we can but also we are after a Mitro 1kc as well.

Mitro already has 74 goals in his career so we are looking to get his total goals to 1074 for his career.



We need to hit the ground running in this save and there is no time to mess about building a squad over the first couple of years like you would with a teenager you are looking to get a 1kc with. With that in mind we are off to Barcelona as they have a transfer budget of £200m.


Mitro is a player that should thrive on crosses into the box so the tactic will try to exploit that but it also means I have some major squad building to do as Barca aren’t a team that is built that way. They have an abundance of inside forwards and some good strikers like Messi and Suarez. This is perfect though as I can get rid of them or use them as bargaining tools to get the players I want.

I will be looking for players who are at or near their peak as we don’t have time for wonderkids in this save or at least not too many.

I hope you will join me in our quest and all comments are appreciated.

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3 hours ago, Gunners Rishi said:

Good luck


2 hours ago, Woody said:

Risky yes...but this is a Foxy save so im confident this will go well.

Bring it on!

Thanks for using the word “risky” as I can now use it in the title 😛

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14 hours ago, Titjes said:

Good luck mate ;)

Mitrovic has some sweet attributes and is still kinda young so will improve, so I'm sure you can pull this off :)


14 hours ago, 1759 said:

Good luck! 😉


13 hours ago, smoggy90 said:

Best of luck mate, I reckon you’ve got this!

Thanks lads 🙂

14 hours ago, Rob said:

Good luck mate. You’ll need it. I’m looking forward to seeing who you sign, etc. But as @Woody said - it is a @Foxy save so we should all be confident it’ll happen.

It’s nice you have confidence in me and fingers crossed I can hit that magic 💯 but the 1kc has a lot that can go wrong such as a season written off by injury or he  drops attributes quickly as he gets older.


53 minutes ago, Ashez said:

Risk it for the biscuit!



We Fox’s make one hell of a biscuit tbf.

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Aleksandar The Great Season 1

It’s time to get this started is we hunt for a season that will get me entry to the “100” Club and also the aim of getting a 1kc for Mitro.


Obviously the first job was to buy Mitro himself and Fulham drove a hard bargain but money talks in the end and we got him for £41.5m. He looks a quality player and according to our coaches he has a little scope to improve still.

The only drawback of course is he is 23 and turned 24 in early September.


Just as a reminder he has already scored 74 goals in his career so the magic number is 1074 goals before he retires/gets too useless.




In any 1kc attempt season 1 is usually the hardest as you have a young striker who is developing but with Mitro being 24 we needed to go for players that could fit straight away into the team and tactic as we don’t have time for a slow start. Saying that I couldn’t resist a couple of wonderkids.

It’s quite clear where Mitro’s talents lie with his strength, aggression and aerial and we need to be getting crosses onto his bonce as often as possible. With that in mind I focused on getting in 4 wingers who can cross and cross well. Barca aren’t a team that start geared up for that style of football but they do have one thing going for them.

They have two excellent players in Dembele and Suarez who were the perfect leverage to get in two of the best wingers in the game. I managed to bring in Douglas Costa from Juventus in a straight swap for Dembele and then Kingsley Coman in a straight swap for Suarez. This was perfect as although we have a £200m transfer budget those two alone would have cost most if not all of that.

As back up wingers I brought in Dilrosun on the left and Oztunali on the right who are both very good players. We will be playing WB’s as well so we brought in an extra LWB in Schulz but we didn’t need anyone on the right as Sergi Roberto will play there.

Barca have a great midfield so I only brought in Kondogbia to play the BBM role as he is a beast and brings in the physical side of the game that players like Arthur, Coutinho and Rakatic miss. In defence I brought in Koulibaly to go straight in next to Pique and then two wonderkids joined in Konate and Upamecano who will both be training as midfielders as well so they can be versatile members of the squad.

Fullkrug is my back up for Mitro as he is a similar type of player so no tactic changes needed when Mitro is out.




The players that left where mostly just squad players so that I could trim the size of the squad and these are all guys that don’t fit into my plan.




With the squad looking very good I had high hopes going into the season but it went even better than I expected. We were in four competitions and we won the lot.


Super Cup


Spanish Cup


La Liga


Champions League




Aleksandar the Great

Clearly the tactic worked extremely well on a team basis but how did Mitro get on?

With his age I would say I have 10 seasons to get to or very close to the 1kc so my minimum aim is 90 goals a season. That would get him to 900 by the age of 34 and then hopefully I could grind out the final 100 goals in the next couple of seasons before he retires.

That is a risky way to go but it is just a minimum target which will stop me getting disheartened if that is what we are hitting each season. That means that everything over 90 goals is instantly a bonus to the total as it keeps us above the minimum target.

Of course there is another target in this save as well and that’s to join @Rob exclusive 100 club for players that have scored 100 or more goals in one season. It would also be good to do it with a good goals to game ratio as well.

With all that in mind I give you Mitro’s season 1 goal total.

He had a cracker!!!

We were massively helped by the fact that he only missed 2 games all season.


That is a goal a game ratio of 1.76 which isn’t the worst in the club but is along way from the top of the board. I’m not going to worry about that though as we can try and improve that in the next few seasons and we scored 14 goals more than my par total of 90.


Mitro is looking good as well but he is maxed out now so this is as good as it will get attributes wise.

Not too shabby though.



Player Stats



That brings season 1 to a close and it has been a good one. I am very positive about this save now as those 14 extra goals could be really handy as Mitro isn’t going to go all through this career only missing a couple of games a season.

Thanks for reading and comments are appreciated.


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Great start to this mate. Mitro did the business and his attributes look great.

Completing this will be some task so all the best :) 

Dilrosun looks a decent winger! Never heard of him before :O 

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Cheers mate.

16 minutes ago, Nucleus said:

Dilrosun looks a decent winger! Never heard of him before :O 

I hadn’t used him before this year but this is about the 3rd or 4th save I have used him in. According to his history he was at Man City But was released back in the summer.

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A stunning first season. Great stuff. I’m glad you kept Roberto as he is one of my favourite versatile players in the game. With the four wingers, too, you can’t go far wrong. 

Well done on joining the club! 

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16 minutes ago, Rob said:

A stunning first season. Great stuff. I’m glad you kept Roberto as he is one of my favourite versatile players in the game. With the four wingers, too, you can’t go far wrong. 

Well done on joining the club! 

I like Roberto for the same reason as you and he is a very good WB so I never had plans to get rid of him.

Good to be in the club but I’m hoping I can improve my standing on the board in the next few seasons.

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35 minutes ago, Woody said:


Smashed it dude, awesome start. 

Thats a huge return. 👍

Thanks mate.

More proof the Mags should have kept hold of him 😉

33 minutes ago, 1759 said:

Great season for the big man! 😉

Cheers fella but how do you know I’m a “big” man!?!

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He just didnt fit into Rafa's way of playing. Hated tracking back and Rondon does that.

Im sure somewhere like Chelsea he would do well. He is very much like Diego Costa.

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1 hour ago, Woody said:

He just didnt fit into Rafa's way of playing. Hated tracking back and Rondon does that.

Im sure somewhere like Chelsea he would do well. He is very much like Diego Costa.

Mitro has more goals in him though I think when you consider he has got 16 so far this season in a terrible Fulham team compared to Rondons 10.

13 minutes ago, Ran7777 said:

What a season👏👏👏👏 Good start mate✌️✌️

Are you using gegenpress tactic?



Thanks mate.

The defence set up is very close to Gegen but it’s all about wingers and crosses into Mitro up top.

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On 02/03/2019 at 18:29, smoggy90 said:

Fantastic start mate!

Cheers mate.

6 hours ago, Ashez said:

As first seasons go that's an absolute belter!! 9 more like that and job done 😛

Thanks, you make it sound so easy!

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Season 2

We made the perfect start last season as Mitro banged in 104 goals to not only get me in the 100 club but also to get the 1kc attempt off to a flyer. The aim this season is to improve his GpG ratio to get us further up the 100 club board but also to keep cracking on with the 1k.


Last season we spent big and build a sexy squad so this year we much quieter especially transfers in.

A couple of high profile players left in Alba and Pique but neither were first team and both wanted to be so they had to go.


 I brought in Lucas Torreira as he is versatile and can play either as my DLP in front of the defence or as a BBM. Gebers is a regen and could develop into a good AP in the next few years.






Last season we won the treble which was perfect as it means we have 2 super cup matches and the world club cup as well which always gives us a chance against a couple of weaker teams to rack up some goals.

We also never lost a game last season but this time we weren’t so lucky.

Euro Super Cup

In fact we lost our first game of the season to Chelsea but Mitro got his first goal of the year so it wasn’t all bad.


Spanish Super Cup

No messing here as a Mitro hat trick saw us beat the evil empire.


World Club Cup

No problems here as we beat Chivas of Mexico in the final but just the one goal for the big man.


Spanish Cup

Another final and another Mitro goal and trophy for us.


La Liga

No problems at all in the league campaign.


Champions League 

We got ourselves a 2nd Champions league title and we beat Madrid in the process. Mitro got a goal but what did that bring his total to?




Mitro played nearly every game last season with only a couple missed but this year he picked up a longer injury of 3 weeks.


The timing was a bonus though as it coincided with the March international break so he had a little time to recover and didn’t miss quite as many games as he might have.

His attributes are looking very sexy and he is at his full potential now.


We got so close to 100 goals again and would have hit it as well if the injury hadn’t happened but he still played enough games to have made the total.


What was annoying was he scored at a rate of 1.78 goals per game which would have improved my standing in the 100 club. We still have plenty of time for that though and it keeps us well on target to get this 1k done in 10 seasons which would be very nice indeed.

202 goals in the bank after 2 season is not something to complain about at all.


I’m aware it says season 1 but all the stats are correct 🤦‍♂️

So just a couple of annoyances as we didn’t get the clean sweep of trophies and just those 2 goals short of another 100 goal season but all in all in is looking very positive.

Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.

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15 hours ago, Rob said:

Well done. Shame you didn’t grab 100 as that’d have been a nice gpg 

Cheers mate, it would have been nice to up the GpG but I’m pretty relaxed about it now I have already hit the 100.

14 hours ago, geordiekrispy said:

Wow, great start to this 1k.

Always knew that Mirror had goals in him in the right set up.

Mitro is a beast and I’m really enjoying playing a 1k with a player who is great from the start instead of waiting for him to improve over the first few seasons.

4 hours ago, smoggy90 said:

Smashing it mate!

Cheers mate 🙂

1 hour ago, 1759 said:

Annoying injury to prevent the 100 but he’s still flying. 

Injuries happen and I was lucky in season 1 and I guess lucky as well this season with the timing and duration of it.

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