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Career Gerechtigaids does the Chippenham or Curzon Challenge


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Again i will attempt this challenge as the last time i did try to have a go at this i overwrote it so in case you are wondering what a Chippenham or Curzon is read the original thread by @Foxy


I will post updates once i can actually find the charger to my device.

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The Attempt

So first things first the team i chose, during my last attempt i chose Curzon Ashton and being the anti repetitive man i am i chose Chippenham


So how did i do as manager, i'm pretty sure that i did grea-oh.


Well lets check the FA Cu-oh


The FA Trop-oh


Now the league will be great i'm su-oh


Nat Jarvis was my top scorer with a measly 17 goals despite the entire team scoring 71 goals in the league



So my estimation is

Points from League Points (what)-62

Points from GD-13

Points from FA Cup-6

Points from FA Trophy-9

@Foxy could you be so nice to add my score to the leaderboard? (no)


And also to whoever i surpassed..........




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