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Poll You Can't Win Anything With Kids-Extreme Edition(POLL).


You Can't Win Anything With Kids-Extreme EDITION!(POLL)   

24 members have voted

  1. 1. Which team to play as?

    • RC Lens(France)
    • Academica(Portugal)
    • Zulte Waregem(Belgium)
    • Southampton(England)
    • 1.FC Koln(Germany)
    • Palermo(Italy)
    • Athletic Bilbao(Spain)
  2. 2. Sell players over 20 or release players over 20?

    • Sell.
    • Sell at half the estimated price.
    • Release.

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  • Poll closed on 05/03/19 at 15:34

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Alright here I'll be listing the reasons on why I'm interested in playing as these teams. 

RC Lens: I've heard good things about their youth academy(that's pretty much it really.) Also they start off in the second division. 

Academica: They have a fun sounding name, don't they? 

Zulte Waregem: They used to have a beast of a player called Junior Malanda that always loved using back when I played FIFA 16.

Southampton: One the most well known youth academy in the world, so why not? Also they play in a super competitive league and they might get hit hard by brexit if it goes through(due to the difficulties in securing a work permit) 

1.FC Koln: Another team where I have heard good things about their youth academy. Also they start off in the second division like RC Lens which adds a tiny bit of difficulty. 

Palermo: Once again, another team I played with back when I had FIFA 16(or 14, I've kinda forgotten at this point). Dybala always turned into a beast back then, so now I hope to play as them again and find more Dybalas. 

Athletic Bilbao: Don't really think I have to say much about this one TBH. Tough transfer limitations on top of my self imposed one which will make this crazy hard. Team with a good history and a decent amount of silverware playing in a insanely competitive league. 


Honestly I'm slightly biased towards Zulte Waregem, Palermo and Bilbao. But any team in the list above will be fun to play as. 

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