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Career Dundee United - A Return To Glory?


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3Having still carring on from my Chippenham save were I’ve managed to do it all promotions from the Vanarama North to Winning the Premier League for a 7th domestic season and Champions League 3 times back to back.

I came across a post on twitter which intreagued me. The said person had managed Dundee United and within 2 years they had won it all domestically. Scottish Cup, Betfred Cup and Ladbrokes Premiership. It wasn’t until I noticed his striker had scored 72 goals (approx) in 20 odd games, my suspicion raised he had been using the in game editor to cheat the game. 

I decided to try and bring Dundee United to their former glories without using any unlockables apart from the unsackable lockable however if I feel my position becomes untainable then I will resign.


My tried and trusted 4-2-3-1 formation (wide) playing on the counter and focusing my play were I have most of my strengths out in the wide positions, although looking at getting the guys to mix it up were they feel the need to. Short but simple and hopefully effective.

Jamie RobsonA20EE23A-0CA0-4B3C-9835-27391C68C87E.thumb.png.aa4aca751adf5a7ead46b6f75166ce11.png

His stats are pretty underwhelming? He was the brightest Scottish left back prospect in previous FMM versions. He still commands good pace and stamina and had it not been for those two I would have possibly looked at saying goodbye to him, I am confident he will improve as time goes on.


Fraser Fyvie


He’s well known in Scottish football and his expierence will help and hopefully command the midfield next to Stanton.

Both has a spell at Hibs and Fyvie if I’m not wrong had a spell at Aberdeen and then at Wigan. He will be key for us if we have to be promoted into the premiership.

Nicky Clark


Again well known for obvious reasons his spell at Rangers which wasn’t a highlight for him for various reasons, but his goalscorering record in the same division for Queen Of The South Cannot be ignored.


32 goals in 36 games the form that tempted Rangers into buying him. While I don’t expect that sort of return from him I’m hoping for 20-25 goal return this season.8B16B729-E024-47E6-9404-EDFCF20653C9.thumb.png.473b2c6b30ec188ae4a083a4bf5eba74.png 


More updates to follow....

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