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Career Kylieboi attempts The Park Ji Sung Challenge

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Firstly a quick shout out to @Kanegan for the great challenge Idea. Below is the Challenge link for all who which to read the challenge.

KylieBoi attempts 'The Park Ji Sung Challenge'

I attempted this challenge on last years game and got my Ji Sung to England with Watford my english club.  I had considered using Choi again but decided his age of 23 could restrict the time frame of the save.  After much searching this is my chosen 'Park Ji Sung'. Step up...

Park Tae-Jun


I found Jun as I was ideally looking for a central midfielder, with the aim of retraining him to be a Box to Box midfielder.

I have two quality winger options who can play either side at PSV and this pushed me towards finding a Box to Box style player.

An absolute gamble with his value of £14k, I managed to sign him for an absolute bargain of £130k!

Under 20 years old so he is exactly the age I was looking for. 

Transfers Ins & Out

Was not happy at all with the options in defence so some wheeling and dealing got me Diego Carlos and Tarkowski (come in Jan) as my main centre backs. I signed McKenna for the future and loaned him out. Rajkovic is a go to backup keeper as I sold two backup keepers. 

I loaned a few in the summer and then sent them packing and loaned some different onces in January. 

Dalot and Vinagre were my go to wingbacks for the season and they will be missed on season 2.


Got some decent returns for the squad players and put buy back/sell on clauses on any I may want back in the future.


Cup Review

Luckily straight from the off we are in the Super Cup against Feyenoord, a close fought game resulted in an extra time goal. One cup in the bag 👌


We made it to the Dutch cup Final and faced our arch rivals Ajax. De Jong had an epic season as you will see later and was my prefered striker offer Romero.

Another cup achieved 👌


League Review

Absolutely flew through the league resulting in 5 draws and 2 loses which I shouldnt of lost had it not been for goal shy strikers and a dodgy penalty decisions...PSG vs United mark 2!






The two games I lost below 😢


Isak was offside but hey ho...our 2nd loss of the season.


Our first loss of the season. Dodgy penalty and couldnt hit a barn door on the day!


Smashed the league 🤘 and Ajax had an absolute shocker finishing 6th!


My best goal scoring performance of the season. De Jong bossing the game 😱!


De Jong was on fire and was even out injured for a few months!

Jun Season Review

Park Tae-Jun had a solid first season playing 34 games with 3 goals and 7 assists. Not bad for someone being retrained as a Box to Box Midfielder. Some improvements to his stats and his Value has rose massively. I had to rest him a few times throughout the season as he got tired quiet frequently.



Trophy Cabinet

Debut season resulted in -


- Dutch League Title - 1 of 2 ✖

- Dutch Cup - 1 of 1 ✔

- Dutch Super Cup - 1 of 1 ✔

- English Premier League - 0 of 4 ✖

- Carabao Cup - 0 of 3 ✖

- Community Shield - 0 of 4 ✖

- Champions League - 0 of 1 ✖

- World Club Championship - 0 of 1 ✖

Thank you for reading 👊

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Excellent start mate.

Jun looks like he is developing into a really good BBM to me and you have to like that stamina he has. At only 20 I’m sure we will see some more development and a few more greens.

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27 minutes ago, mcandrew003 said:

Excellent start! De jong is playing great and the team looks to be in great shape, I’m sure Jun will only improve in season two

Thanks for your comments 👌


13 minutes ago, Foxy said:

Excellent start mate.

Jun looks like he is developing into a really good BBM to me and you have to like that stamina he has. At only 20 I’m sure we will see some more development and a few more greens.

Yeh really hoping for some greens this year. Only disappointment so far is he likes to be rested alot lol.

Thanks for taking the time to comment

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23 minutes ago, kylieboi88 said:

Only disappointment so far is he likes to be rested alot

I wouldn’t worry too much as he is only young and BBM along with WB is probably the most physically demanding role to play so as he gets older he will be able to play more matches.

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Season 2 - Tae-Jun 

As we enter season 2 I made minimal signings (forgot to screen shot at end of season) however the main buy was Sisto from Celta Vigo. I lost one of my up and coming youngsters who I used as a make weight in the bid. He signed for £5m which is a bargain!

I managed to keep my two wingers who both recieved large bids. My backup keeper now became my number 1 and Real Madrid were circling.

Cup Review

We again retained the Dutch Super Cup beating Feyenoord 2-1.


I failed to win the Dutch Cup losing out to AZ who developed into a strong side throughout the year. 

League Review

The season was tougher this year and it showed in the final league table. I managed only 2 loses but the draws hurt more as I dominated teams but my strikers seemed goal shy. I was also conceding late in games to add to my frustrations.

We won the league which completes part one of the challenge however I now need to bring my reputation up some more as I went for the West Ham job but got overlooked.


Need to get my Reputation up ready for the next stage of the challenge. 


Strange to see my youth police being low as I have brought up youth into the squad?

Fixture Results






We struggled in Europe again but that was mostly my fault as I concentrated on retaining the league title. 

Park Tae-Jun

Parks stamina rose to 16 which was a bonus as his role of BBM saw him need to be rested more 'jaded' was a common theme! I played him less due to this but made sure I used him on the big games. 


Trophy Cabinet


- Eredivisie - 2 of 2 ✔

- Dutch Cup - 1 of 1 ✔

- Dutch Super Cup - 2 of 1 ✔

Dutch stage complete ✔

- English Premier League - 0 of 4 ✖

- Carabao Cup - 0 of 3 ✖

- Community Shield - 0 of 4 ✖

- Champions League - 0 of 1 ✖

- World Club Championship - 0 of 1 ✖


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Season 3 - Tae-Jun

As we enter season 3 all I can focus on is how soon can I get to England. I continued to look at clubs and apply where I could but still had no joy heading through the season.

Transfers In & Out


I signed Lopez who was a youngster and sent him straight out on loan. Fernandez, Mitchell and Hayes joined to add depth. Finally the youth team got some more depth with the graduation of the above. James Garner was signed on loan to support Tae-Jun. 

I could of gone and splashed the cash but decided to refrain from doing so.


I signed players who were either unhappy or unused. Ramselaar just seemed to go downhill from the moment we started the challenge.

Most of the youth team I allowed to leave on a free.

Cup Review

We won both the super cup and the dutch cup in two tightly contested games.



League Review

We won the league and it was closer than the previous season. Four loses was disappointing and we was pretty leaky in defence. I did not want to buy too many players as I was not intending to be at the club much longer. 


Park Tae-Jun


Parks stamina again rose to 17 but I had him training movement which again showed no improvement?

Trophy Cabinet

Another 3 trophies won this season which brings our wins to 5 and and our league wins to 3. 8 Trophies in 3 seasons is not to shabby at all!


- Eredivisie - 3 of 2 ✔

- Dutch Cup - 2 of 1 ✔

- Dutch Super Cup - 3 of 1 ✔

Dutch Stage of Challenge Complete ✔

- English Premier League - 0 of 4 ✖

- Carabao Cup - 0 of 3 ✖

- Community Shield - 0 of 4 ✖

- Champions League - 0 of 1 ✖

- World Club Championships - 0 of 1 ✖


With my reputation now moving to Continential Season 4 will open up with the chance of me moving to England and bringing Park Tae-Jun with me. Which club will I have the pleasure of managing? 

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Season 4 Tae-Jun

Season 4 arrived and I was still at PSV and was beginning to despair! However the show must go on..

I refused to sign anyone and allowed some to leave. I just wanted to get to England.

We won the Super Cup beating Ajax on penalties. 


I rejected West Ham as there is another guy using them currently, and wanted to make this different from his.

And then this beauty arrived in my mail box!


Oh go on then.....goodbye PSV - Tae-Jun see you shortly sunshiiiiiine!


First game and hes only gone and done 'Mastermind A Giant Killing' beating Liverpool 2-1! Get in!

Transfers In 

I arrived at Everton a short time before Jan and could see from the off the squad needed a major revamp. 

I went big in jan as the squad I had was poor. The likes of Coleman (33), Keane, Holgate, Zoet etc had to go. Everton had had a massive clear out at the start of the season selling the likes of Pickford and co for massive money but not reinvesting it into the squad. 

Tae-Jun cost me £3.5m I arrived at PSV waited till Jan and he was transfer listed and unhappy! PSV tut tut..


We now are both in England, finally stage to can begin.


I signed Wanyama for £2.4m as he was transfer listed. Even if he played till the end of the season I was happy to sign him.


McTominay was transfer listed and was a decent price at £9.5m.


I loaned Pellegrini in to play opposite side go Lookman and decided to sign him for season 5 as he was decent.


I managed to sign Jansen for £275k he was listed by my old club PSV and was a find for me when I was there. Backup keeper to Padrag.


Padrag arrived for £21.5m and I had to beat Real Madrid to sign him!!!


Stark was listed and cost me £3m with a £21m rated defender going to Hertha within the part exchange.


Fosu-Mensah!!!!! Cost me £16m but what a signing....the options he gives me makes him very beneficial.


With Digne suffering a 2month injury when I arrived and a young guy as backup I signed this fella for £2.6m - again he was transfer listed but come with hefty wages.


This guy was a backup signed for Coleman who I then decided to sell. Transfer listed and signed for £725k.


Moses was the best option to replace Coleman whos stats seemed to drop by the hour. Cost me £1.2m - Bargain? But then I signed another wing back...


Malen who I rarely played at PSV cost me £16m and a youngster called Anthony Evans.


Vagnoman I managed to bring to the club for £16m and part ex with a youngster called Gordon. 

Pretty much wheeled and dealed my way through January in order to get a squad I wanted for the second half of the season.

Season Review

Managed to steamroll Tottenham in the semi finals of Euro Cup...


Lost to Man City in the FA Cup Final!


You reading this....we made it to the Final and beat Sevilla!


Healthy looking trophy Cabinet and one of the hardest part of the challenge completed 😉



I didnt win the league but arriving at the club at 13th and finishing 7th was decent and managed to turn the goals from negative to positive albiet it by 3...


This is how Tae-Jun finished the season. Hardly any greens but going strong with the Stamina

Challenge Conclusion

- Dutch Stage - All Complete ✔


- English Premiership - 0 of 4 ✖

- Carabao Cup - 0 of 3 ✖

- Community Shield - 0 of 4 ✖

- Champions League - 1 of 1 ✔

- World Club Championships - 0 of 1 ✖

Thanks for reading....onto season 5!



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Just caught up with this now and you’ve done really good so far.

I never find it easy moving club’s during the season but you’ve done really well here.

Good luck next season.😀

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