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iScout Reasonably Priced Wonderkids-Goalkeepers in the UK.


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Welcome to what I hope will be a successful little series I wish to run. 

iScout used to be one of my favourite parts of this forum but unfortunately the last real iScout post was nearly a month ago! 

So here I am trying to breath some new life into this old favourite of mine and help everyone find a nice, cheap player they will enjoying playing with. 

Ah but there is a catch. This is going to be nothing like the previous iScout posts, in fact what I'm going to do might be so unorthodox that this post might even be removed!(although I hope it doesn't come to that) 

And that is due to the use of the IGE. 

See, I've been thinking for a bit. About how to use the IGE best. And I came up with a crazy idea. 

Hmm rather that trying to dump a huge explanation on you guys, why don't I show you guys what I mean?

Alright! So for this post I loaded up 4 tiers of the English leagues, 2 tiers of the Scottish leagues and the sole Welsh league to load up a full UK database. 

Since this is a series I wish to continue posting about daily I only focused on the UK and on GKs for this post and will leave the rest of the world and the rest of the positions for the days ahead. 

Now with a combination of the in game search and the IGE I've come up with a shortlist of four keepers that I found to fit the criteria of 'reasonably priced wonderkid'.

But before I go on to them, I want to clarify the definition of 'reasonably priced wonderkid'.

'reasonably priced' by my definition would be players with an estimated price of under 250k. Now that might be too low for some top teams but for a majority of teams out there 250k is a pretty reasonable number.

'wonderkid' by my definition is a player under the age of 21(0-20) who has a consistent PA of at least 3 stars according to the IGE. Now some might argue that 3 stars is too low to be considered a true wonderkid, but given the price range I had to adjust. 

Okay with all of that out of the way, here are the players(in order of youngest to oldest)!:

1. Harry Seaden


Potential: 6.4/10

(potential was obtained through an unorthodox method that might share in the comments later) 

Asking Price: 120k

(I started a new career with Sunderland and attempted to buy all these players. The asking price is the price they accepted. Also, take note that I use Euros. ) 

Stimulated Growth:Screenshot_2019-03-11-13-29-50-468_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.a6197f12957f04f066236e6af70c8b6c.png

(Stimulated growth is just me using the IGE to give them a slight attribute boost to see how they would possibly look once they've grown a bit. I took care to only increase the attributes that grow naturally and predictably. And to leave a bit more space for them to grow, so in a real save the players would most likely grow past what I've posted. .) 

2.Maciej Dabrowski


Potential: 6.4/10

Asking Price: 40k

Stimulated Growth:


3.Connor Hazard


Potential: 6.2/10

Asking Price: 0k

Stimulated Growth:Screenshot_2019-03-11-13-30-35-322_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.2b526db86b72d2006965ae56e487dd16.png


4. Miles Boney


Potential: 7/10

Asking Price: 18k

Stimulated Growth:Screenshot_2019-03-11-13-30-55-133_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.60bfbe840d920785098bb414dab57ed7.png

All very decent choices that should do well enough for all but the best teams. 

And that's it for the first ever post on this series that I hope doesn't get removed. (TBF if this doesn't fit as a iScout post then maybe I'll change the tag to chat, if I'm allowed to.) 

Oh and I almost forgot! I might have missed out on a few great players because I set the search to only show players whose agility attribute is at least 15. Honestly this is just a bit of bias from my side, but I believe that to be a good shot stopper you need good agility. 


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