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iScout Reasonably Priced Wonderkids-Central Defenders in the UK.


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Alright for this post in the newly started Reasonably Priced Wonderkids series we will be looking at central defenders in the UK(England, Scotland and Wales).

In addition to manually scouting players with the IGE, I also added in an additional criteria of at least 10 teamwork. The reason for that is teamwork influences/indicates a players work rate, and naturally you wouldn't want a 'lazy' defender hence the 10 teamwork cut-off.

The reason I'm saying this is to point out I may have missed out a few great players :)

Anyway, with that out of the way here is my shortlist:

1. Dominic Revan. 


Potential: 6.2/10

Asking Price: 200k

Stimulated Growth:Screenshot_2019-03-12-14-31-42-565_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.5a930bc92abaebc8cb7cade2a761ef3f.png

2. Sam Allardyce. 


Potential: 6.4/10

Asking Price: 35k

Stimulated Growth:Screenshot_2019-03-12-14-33-03-384_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.a4221f25455b8a53996f13fe2023a2aa.png

3. Corrie Ndaba. 


Potential: 6.2/10

Asking Price: 110k

Stimulated Growth:Screenshot_2019-03-12-14-33-54-106_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.8f1cb6f7f4a10daa68433e4bb3173894.png

4.Kerr Waddell. Screenshot_2019-03-12-14-34-11-104_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.e3e13b51aa016580f865efbb61a84d3f.png

Potential: 6.8/10 

Asking Price: 300k

Stimulated Growth:Screenshot_2019-03-12-14-34-37-835_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.23f8c1458af614ada84de36eefa73d94.png

5.Easah Suliman. Screenshot_2019-03-12-14-34-50-272_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.886cea761742a6c595b9a3a5b51a9aa0.png

Potential: 6.4/10

Asking Price: 0k

Stimulated Growth:Screenshot_2019-03-12-14-35-34-060_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.f3cd628a718551ddc6f1fa9d3eca634e.png

6.Nathan Sheron. Screenshot_2019-03-12-14-35-45-898_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.cd65bae311211d71acfab967edb13eff.png

Potential: 6.4/10

Asking Price: 180k

Stimulated Growth:Screenshot_2019-03-12-14-36-02-895_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.973049bd1ff8bdafbed285eaa400050a.png

And those six were the best I could find! Too many BPDs for my taste but oh well... 

Also, I would like to take this time to say that while I try to make the stimulated growth as accurate as possible it isn't 100% accurate. And I also leave a bit of space for the players to grow, so I can safely guarantee that if you buy these players in-game and develop them their attributes will grow beyond what I've posted. 

Oh and another thing, if you guys feel like there's anything I need to clarify feel free to ask me. 

That's the end, and thank you for reading! 

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