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Career "The Park Ji Sung Challenge" by Manjus


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Not sure how or why I came across this particular challenge a few days ago but, it has been going around in my head and I thought "why not?", especially as no-one is on the 2019 leaderboard yet... Apparently the only other to try it is Kyle attempts The Park Ji Sung Challenge, not even it's designer @Kanegan is on the leaderboard yet...

Quick links: Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, etc

If you're not aware of this challenge yet, the details are as follows:

Challenge Set-Up:

  • Load up Netherlands and England and any other two leagues of your choice and start your career with PSV.
  • You must sign a Korean midfielder who will be your new "Ji-Sung"
  • At PSV you must win atleast 2x Eredivise, 1x KNVB Cup and 1x Dutch Super Cup.
  • Move onto England and take charge of any Premier League club (Man U if you want to make it authentic) and bring the Korean with you. 
  • In England, you must win at least 4x Premier League, 3x Carabao Cup, 4x Community Shield, 1x Champions League and 1x World Club Championship


  • Take charge of the S.Korean National team and score more than 13 international goals by your new "Ji-Sung"
  • Try to win the "Ballon d'Or"
  • Better Korean's best finish of 4th at the world cup.


  • Own Formations only
  • Only SI databases.
  • No unlockables unless earned on the save
  • No use of any editor
  • Evidence is required via screenshot, I’d suggest posting a career for all of Vibe to follow
  • No Cheating - Reloading to avoid injuries counts as cheating

Who knows why this appeals to me, but I'm going to give it a go! I'm fully expecting to struggle through this. But hopefully it'll be a fun career...

Season 1:



No unlockables as requested, wasn't sure if allowed to start with Gold Badge...


The chosen leagues... Needed Spain to ensure my Korean choice was available...


Decided my manager would be the great man himself...


So it begins...


As is my favourite saying... 'Go Loud or Go Home!'... Hello Kangin Lee... You overpriced South Korean PSV Legend (hopefully)... Have I wasted my money? Time will tell...

One thing that may fumble me in the future is if I can't manage one of the top 6 in England, can anyone else afford to buy Kangin Lee for me..? Hmmm...


Better take note of his starting stats... although I forgot and this is a shot after 5-6 games...


3rd competitive game for PSV... Did I mention he's going to be the main penalty taker... because... meh...


Talk about groups of death...


We're certainly not the highest scoring team, but we're doing the business...


5 games down...


Starting to pay off that hefty transfer fee...


I'd like to say that I put up a fight in Europe... But the results speak for themselves... I'll count my blessings for the one nil losses against Spurs and Madrid though... Cause they trashed me on the second legs...


First injury...


We're not the prolific goalscorers that everyone wants to be, but we're playing defensively and hoping that'll see us through to the title...


Next game wins...


Well that's the Super Cup and Eredivisie won... Dutch Cup is in a few days...


Does the Super Cup count towards a Triple? Would be nice but I doubt it... I'll take the Double plus Super though... Good season... IMG_0100.thumb.PNG.0fbdc104216784e9a2281e1044be3d0f.PNG

Kangin put in a good stint but he's gonna have to do better if he wants to catch the eye of the Premier League...

I'd like to think that a bit of pressure is off for the 2nd season with my Super & Dutch Cup wins and my comfortable Eredivisie season, but this'll be the difficult 2nd album and Kangin Lee needs as much silverware as possible if he's gonna be "Park Ji-Sung" career legend...

PSV trophy cabinet:

  • Super Cup x1
  • Eredivisie x1
  • Dutch Cup x1

Premier League Club (Man United) trophy cabinet:

  • Community Shield
  • World Club Championship
  • League Cup
  • Premier League
  • Champions League
Edited by Manjus
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17 minutes ago, Kanegan said:

Well, i have full plan of tackling this one once i have some time.  Good luck with this.

By the way... How is your challenge thread posted after Kyle's career thread? Did you have to repost it? Just curious...

Also, is my career currently within the guidelines? And, would you of penalised someone for starting with a Gold Coaching badge?

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Actually, the original challenge was posted for FMM 2018 where @kylieboi88 first tackled it. The link you have is his 2018 attempt. I reposted it for 2019 forums so that's why you have got the dates all mixed up.  Coaching badges doesn't really make any major difference so it is ok with Gold badge.

Kangin Lee is a pretty good choice but definitely overpriced. So, as you mentioned if you are not able to manage the Top 6 in Premier league, then buying Lee might be a problem or you could look at Player exchanges. But first things first, good luck with the Eredivisie.

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3 minutes ago, Kanegan said:

Actually, the original challenge was posted for FMM 2018 where @kylieboi88 first tackled it. The link you have is his 2018 attempt. I reposted it for 2019 forums so that's why you have got the dates all mixed up.  Coaching badges doesn't really make any major difference so it is ok with Gold badge.

Kangin Lee is a pretty good choice but definitely overpriced. So, as you mentioned if you are not able to manage the Top 6 in Premier league, then buying Lee might be a problem or you could look at Player exchanges. But first things first, good luck with the Eredivisie.

Well I suppose I'll end up earning Gold at somepoint anyway...

Indeed, very expensive, but hell, he's young and has plenty of potential, my formation means he's only a CM at the moment. Depending on how well the team and Kangin Lee have both faired by the end of the season, I may look at making him a winger... Keeping the goals down should stunt his value and I doubt being at PSV will add much to his price tag... Definitely going to be pushing for the Red Devils though...

Thanks for the well wishes.

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9 hours ago, kylieboi88 said:

Best of luck.

Im currently attempting this again for #19 version 😉

Then best of luck to you as well.

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Can't complain about the 2nd season. We won it all and Kangin played his part, next year I'll be looking for a job in England.

Season 2:



New season. Updated stats. +12 overall from last season...



Few transfers... Not having to spend £49m on one Korean player really helps you add to the team... A few free transfers to pad out the team thanks to the Winter Update and its need for team rotation (which i'm actually really enjoying at the moment)


Another Super Cup added to the cabinet...


It would be nice to go into a European Competition without thinking you're definitely not qualifying for a change... If I get Real next year as well...


Injuries have been few and far between, I'm happy my physios can bring him back into the fold in no time at all...


Well, I managed to sink my claws into 3rd, and I conceded less than Dortmund... I'll take that as a minor win...IMG_0111.thumb.PNG.4bd716cf0b1feefdcb71899686dd587e.PNG

My prospects are not looking too good for managing Man Utd anytime soon...


The Champions of Holland are Champions again... and with 4 games to go, that's one better than last year... Improvement!


All trophies belong to PSV... two years running... Next year, Europe...



Edited by Manjus
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Dominating Holland, failing in Europe. English teams don't want me, and Kangin is ready to fly the nest... The stress is mounting as Kangins price tag goes up and up, only the big teams can afford him and I can't even get a sniff at a newly promoted Championship team... I suppose 3 more trophies won't do my CV any harm...

Season 3:



Improving steadily... +9 points overall... He's still young and PSV facilities aren't quite tailored for nurturing world class talent...


Great win against our main competitors... I'll treasure that one...


Here we go... Kangins become a big fish in a little pond... Your manager knows your feelings well as so far my attempts to muscle my way into English football has not gone well...


I've got to try my best to keep Kangin interested in playing for PSV... Money talks...


Halfway through... I think I see another Eredivisie title on the horizon...


Is it bad that all I want now is to leave PSV now? I've even tried applying for jobs at soon to be promoted Championship sides in an attempt to get into the Premier League... How many more trophies does a manager need?


7 games to go... I like winning as much as the next... but I need a new challenge... and Kangin is getting very twitchy at the site of teams coming to swoop in for him...


3 trophies out of 3 in 3 seasons... Starting to think English teams won't take me seriously until I get a European Cup...


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*Reserved for season breakdown*

Current thoughts: Was using Kangin too ambitious? Have a underestimated how easy it would be to get a job in England? If/when I get a job in the Premier League will i be able to afford Kangin, or even get a chance to buy him before someone else does?

Season 4:



Current job prospects... What an abundance of choice I have for England's top two flights...


Not to get too 'salty' about not finding a new team to manage, but there's plenty of managers in the Premier League that have less to show for their careers than me... Even if my 'attributes' don't have prettier colours...


Always improving. +10 points overall this year. Morale is poor because Kangin is ready to show the world what he's truly capable of, and PSV probably isn't the best stage. Goals/Assists are looking healthy, can't wait to see him in his prime years, surrounded by elite players.


Few more players in to keep rotation up and create some healthy competition for places. Sadly had to say goodbye to a few good players in Piroe and Junior...


My enthusiasm for winning in Holland is starting to wane... It may be having an affect on my gameplay... Still, a win is a win, especially over Ajax...


I feel like I might just have a good chance at getting past the group stage this year... Bayer and PSG will be easy... but Sparta Prague scares me...


He can keep asking, but PSV have him until 2025 at the very least...


I didn't even think I'd be at PSV for 4 seasons... Some big wins in there, but also some points needlessly dropped...


Would I be taken seriously enough if I applied for the vacant Arsenal job..?


If I can take anything from another predictable expulsion from Europe's elite... It's the 2-2 draw with PSG...


3 years of total domination in Holland and suddenly, with a few poor results, this is the thanks I get...


Edited by Manjus
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