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Career Who Are Ya, Who Are Ya? (Fake Player Career)

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Who are ya, who are ya, who are ya, who are ya?

Quite a challenge for me as i will have the last clue who all the players are, no Wonderkids, no Messi's or Ronaldos, no anything. The team i have gone with however is a team which has boasted players like Ailton, Brian Laudrup, Oliver Bierhoff, and Stephane Chapuisat. The team i have chosen IS..............................

..........er, KFC Uerdingen 05.


And you may ask, 'Mr. Gerechtigaids, HOW EXACTLY did a team in the German 3. Liga boast players such as Brian Laudrup and Oliver Bierhoff?'. Well, in the Laudrup and Chapuisat days they were called Bayer Uerdingen, but then Bayer turned their sights to Leverkusen and left Uerdingen in financial trouble and by 2000 they were playing in the 3. Liga. Then there was a roll of relegations and then 'SHAZAM!', they were an amateur club in the 6th tier, then they reached the 5th tier in 2011 and gained promotion to the Regionalliga in 2013 but went straight down again in 2015. But the club found new ownership in around 2016, and found themselves back in the relevancy of German football. They currently have a former German international in Kevin Grosskreutz but this is a fake player career remember so he won't be there, so i'll just load it up and provide you with an update once the season is over.

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Season 1 1 week later............

Our first season was nothing short of success as we gained promotion our first season.


I made some decent moves in the transfer window with signings like Nathan Coe, Torsten Funkel, and Jannes Kober


The terrible twosome of of Jurgen Knoll and Andy Howe hit hard as they both combined for a total tally of 58 ('SAS would like to know your location' messages seemed to appear on their phones and laptops soon after end of season)





The duo also picked up Top Scorer (Knoll 1st, Howe 2nd), 3. Liga TOTY (Howe), and The 3. Liga POTY (Knoll 1st, Howe 2nd).




And i also won Manager of the Year.


Notable results include-

7-1 Away win against Fortuna Koln


5-1 win in the reverse leg against Fortuna Koln (More like Fortuna Scheisse imo)


5-3 and 5-1 wins against 1860 Munchen and Karlsruhe which i was very proud of.



And a 3-1 loss to Aalen and a deadlock draw vs. Carl Zeiss which ended our title chances.



There also was a weird move which saw my 2nd-3rd choice striker move to West Ham.


And that was the end of the season. As usual update at the end of next season (or if some ridiculous thing happens).

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