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How to increase Teamwork and Leadership.

That was not a question, it was a solution. 

See, I've a little insider tip that says motivational coaches help to improve Teamwork and Leadership. 

Naturally I was intrigued and wanted to find out for myself if this was true, so what I did was start at a top team, hire a full backroom of 4 motivational coaches and holiday all the way until the end of the season. Then I took note of the teams attributes at the start of the season and their attributes at the end of the season. 

And here are my results. 


Started out at Man Utd and surprisingly only got the sack at the very last month of my little experiment. But I must admit the series of events that led to me being sacked were hilarious.

And here are the players and their growth over the course of the season(Note that I'm only posting players that had growth, and I cut out the rest that didn't have growth in teamwork/leadership.) 


+1 teamwork


+1 leadership


+1 teamwork & +2 leadership


+1 leadership

Screenshot_2019-03-14-10-35-30-570_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.5a9c454cb17c8af4bd15bce5406963f4.pngScreenshot_2019-03-14-10-23-14-845_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.097c9fb6bb7f16af3850e1a537f0d84f.png+1 teamwork & +2 leadership 


+1 leadership 


+1 teamwork 

Screenshot_2019-03-14-10-37-49-165_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.34dc432368c19cfc3ee2d9bad89c2f9d.pngScreenshot_2019-03-14-10-27-18-216_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.67426324ff64fb3b5df82fd863193850.png+1 leadership 


+1 leadership 

Now, all of that might not seem particularly impressive but keep in mind this is just the growth over a single season(that I didn't even finish) while holidaying the whole way. 

If you played a serious game over the course of 5-10 seasons with a few motivational coaches on board, I'm sure all of the growth will add up and you'll have a squad with high teamwork and leadership. 

However, I must admit all of this is new info for me and that I haven't tested it out extensively yet. So do take my advice with a grain of salt. 

Anyway, I hope this little post of mine goes on to help all of you guys out there :)



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Interesting. I do wonder if the teamwork/leadership would go up naturally with most of these players regardless of the coaches you have in place. 

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2 minutes ago, Baddar said:

Interesting. I do wonder if the teamwork/leadership would go up naturally with most of these players regardless of the coaches you have in place. 

I can confirm that leadership goes up without motivational coaches, but teamwork almost never does. 

Having motivational coaches is not the only way for leadership and teamwork to go up, but it is the most effective way. 

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Interesting. I've never been able to train teamwork up, so cool to see this way of improving it, even it it's a long game approach (ie not quick improvement). Thanks!

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