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Tactics Lynch's EME Juventus UCL Comeback Tactic


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Well,  i create this tactic after watching juve's 2nd leg CL round of 16 match against atletico madrid couple nights ago. I try to replicate allegri's tactic that took juve to the next phase of champions league by beating atletico 3-0 at turin after their 2-0 defeat at madrid especially the tactic they played at the 1st half.

As a juventus fans,  it's quite surprising to watch juventus playing aggressively since the very beginning especially in allegri's era,  and it's very fun to watch!!! 

So here's my best shot after tweaking for 2 days and finally found the one that worked for me,  and then i restart a new carreer and play it with this final tactic






As i said at the begining of this thread,  i try to replicate juve's tactic with some tweaks, not 100% same with the real juve's tactic but pretty close.

Notes :

  • This tactic needs a very good defender, it should had a good aer,  tac,  dec,  pos,  str,  and pace because they should covering large area at the back
  • The DLP will become the extra defender when your team were attacked, so it should have a decend defending attribute.
  • The Winger are your main crosser, so crossing attribute are important. I recommend you to retrain positions your FB / WB for this position 
  • BBM will be your assist man, so pick the best player that you can get for this position.
  • The front three are your main goal scorer. For the IF you need right footed on the left side and left footed on the right side.














Italian Cup Final (comeback after 2 goals down at the 1st half) 


Champions League Final


As you can see i won every title in my first season with a pretty good result,  but i'm not sure how it works for other team especially with a smaller team, so feel free to give it a try guys. 


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