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Tactics Johan Cruyff's Total Football!


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Shout out to @Chris99for inspiring me to give this a go!

I would first like to point out that this tactic is still in its infancy, so it may not be amazing yet. But despite that, I still wanted to post it here because how exciting it is! 

So, with out further ado here's what I came up with after a quick saviour cometh challenge with Southampton:


While I did put a fair amount of thought into every role and instruction, I will not be explaining all of that boring stuff yet because like I said, this tactic is still in its infancy. So until I get everything sorted out, you guys will just have to make do with this three screenshots.

Results-wise, Screenshot_2019-03-16-16-28-40-453_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.4ea2aea0dcc764facd6a05e864c9f858.pngI felt we did alright(having taken over 1 game before the Brighton game). Also, I only really figured out the tactic after the Liverpool game. 

Screenshot_2019-03-16-16-28-54-461_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.52d744fd3076e274ec163c0ee1d594e3.pngPlus that Man U game was just one those games where you concede every shot on target...

Anyways, that is all I have for now but I am putting all my other FMM stuff on hold to test this tactic with... 


Hopefully I'll be back with a tactic that is worthy of the Johan Cruyff title. 

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Alright, since I was so excited I went ahead and completed half a season with Ajax!(haven't made any major changes yet) 

And here's what I've found:



Stats-wise(minus the goalkeeper):

The Trequartista(Dolberg) is the offensive spearhead who will get the most goals. The Libero(Valdez) and DLP(Blind) stand out as slight underperformers, although this might simply be an issue with the match engine giving them lower than deserved ratings. 


While league performance was not great(mainly due to some stupid draws and losses, like the one below) Screenshot_2019-03-16-22-12-21-651_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.26b76149b8f919ae8f4aeef5819aad93.png

Our GF is the highest and our GA is the lowest, which is promising. 


Manager stats seem slightly disappointing, but that might be due to my terrible CL group stage performance(1W-1D-4L).

Overall, I am still hopeful that this tactic can pull off some crazy things. In the wise words of Gennaro Gattuso, 'sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe shit.' I've seen some crazy fluid goals while using this tactic(once my right IF was making a run up the left flank...i don't know how he got there), but at the same time it feels like some players do absolutely nothing the whole game(my left wingback and advanced playmaker felt like this)

Hmm, I think I'll need more testing... 

And this time I'll do half a season in... 


Chosen because I feel many of their key players would fit this tactic well, and also because I've never used them before :)

Let's see how this tactic holds up in the EPL! 

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