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Mr Tree

Career Tree's "Goal A Mile" Challenge - 30 seasons completed!

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· Posted (edited)


Despite a good start...



...Griff was still struggling a bit with fitness:



So he didn't end up with the best season:


Leaving us on 98 goal-miles overall, 7 short of Carlisle.

The rest of the team, though, had a great time. The league title was retained emphatically:




And we dominated the awards of course. My rotation of three wingers were the top three in the Player of the Year:



And otherwise...




Lonsana (let's call him) has developed into an absolute beast in midfield:



We threw in the League Cup too:



But shamefully lost in embarrassing fashion in the FA Cup against a team who shouldn't even be on the same pitch as my world-beaters:



Hope @samhardy enjoys that one, cos I certainly didn't!

And what about the Champions League?



Our first ever game in the tournament set the tone:


(Nugent was the £33m signing brought in to back up Griff)

Griff did at least notch a hat trick (his only one of the season :( ) in the return game with Schalke:


So we won our group:



And marched through the knockout phase, winning 2-0 at the Delle Alpi before surviving a lively second leg (more comfortable than it looked!)



Real Madrid in the final, and of course they took the lead.... But a late equaliser and an extra-time winner gave Wigan the glory!!


McGovern's exploits earned him a spot on the world team of the year:



(well done again, Rangers, on not playing him 👏 )

And the customary look at the manager profile at the end of the season:


Screenshot_20190509-024042_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

So a wonderful season and the squad is really humming. I'm almost at the Scottish border, but I've still never won the FA Cup - so I think I'll hang around and make that my focus next year.



obviously, with this success, we were outgrowing the DW Stadium:


Originality is hard, sorry.

So at the start of the next season, it was time to say goodbye:



And welcome to the new era. So we picked up the phone and said "Hey, Real Madrid, no hard feelings eh? Why don't you come over and celebrate our new stadium?"


"Yeah how about you come over and we WHOOP YOUR ASS - thanks for the Champions League, bitches!" 😮


NEXT TIME: We reach the FA Cup final, but there's a stunning twist in store!

Thanks for reading!

Edited by Mr Tree

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Incredible career this is. Well done mate. Sorry for not replying earlier. 

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7 minutes ago, Foxy said:

Great season there.

Do you think this is going to last the full 30 seasons?

we'll see but it looks like it'll go close. Scotland's a big old place so there's a fair way to go!


5 hours ago, Kanegan said:

Incredible career this is. Well done mate. Sorry for not replying earlier. 


2 hours ago, Gunners Rishi said:



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· Posted (edited)


Congratulations to the 2036 European Champions, Spain!



Domestically, all that was left for me was the FA Cup. Or so I thought. Unfortunately, checking out my trophy cabinet made me realise that I hadn't actually won League Two, only finished 2nd 🤦‍♂️

Oh well, too late now.

I mean, Carlisle was an option - Griff quickly racked up the last 7 goals needed to get us there. But they weren't appealing!



So anyway, my main focus for the year was the FA Cup, so I'll put that here and everything else behind spoliers.

The cup campaign went relatively smoothly, until...


My bees! Our first ever cup final in the club's history! 

So I was left with mixed emotions and a temptation to throw the match... But despite those thugs trying to destroy my team... We lifted the trophy!



That wasn't our only trophy of the season...


We won the Community Shield, beating my old mates Bristol Rovers, who are still hanging in the Prem and won the FA Cup last season:



We became world champions, just about!




And we added the Carabao Cup:



But a familiar face, my striker from season 12, prevented me from adding the European Super Cup:



And then he got the winner to stop me from retaining the Champions League too!




In the league, of course we were smashing it - Griff made up for last year by starting like an absolute house on fire!




And he had already matched last year's goal output by the end of November:



Of course he then had another injury to slow him down (his Coach Report says he may have concerns over injuries :( )



Meanwhile, I got some recognition on the world stage, although of course I can't touch Stevie G:



We cruised the league, sealing the title with three games to spare:



And we even found time to condemn Spurs to relegation afterwards:




So the final standings and awards:




Just the three players in the team of the year though:



Anyway, the main man had his best season overall for us, leaving us on 135 goal-miles:


My manager profile after 19 seasons:



And I have to share this guy again with further development - might be the best player I've ever had!



NEXT TIME: it's time for me to update my chart and my maps as we cross the border!

Edited by Mr Tree

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· Posted (edited)


Scene: a shiny media room in the bowels of The Thunderdome. Wigan chairwoman Kym Marsh approaches the dais...


"It is with profound regret that I must report that the moment we feared would come has arrived.

On Monday morning, head coach Mr Tree called me up to say that he intends to take up a similar role at a smaller club. Specifically, Mr Tree intends to leave the three-time reigning Premier League champions and reigning Club World Champions to join Gretna 2008 of the Scottish fourth division. We tried to persuade him to stay, but he said the matter was non-negotiable.

We knew what we were getting into when we recruited this maverick from TNS five years ago. The past few years have been beyond all expectation.

But on a personal level: the man is a quitter. He left Bristol Rovers eight years ago to drop down five divisions. We knew it was a matter of time before he did the same to us. 

I'd like to reassure all Latics fans that we firmly believe that the board's support has been instrumental to the club's recent success, and that any well-trained monkey could've produced the results that Mr Tree did."


Scene: Mr Tree is walking his dog close to his sprawling country estate on the outskirts of beautiful Clitheroe.


He knows that this will be one of the last times for him and Louis around here. He knows that he'll need to call his assistant later to arrange for the estate to be put on the market.

Finally... It took a little longer than expected. But he finally hears a helicopter in the distance. The story has broken. The next few hours are going to be a rollercoaster. He turns into the forest and calls Louis after him.

Half an hour or so later, he emerges for the homeward journey. Turning a corner, he takes a breath upon seeing a press pack of around 20 hardy souls. Here we go then...

"Tree is it true?"

"Yes - look, I appreciate the interest, but I'd rather just do this once. Get your cameras etc set up, then let's go.

Yes, it's time for me to move on. I know some think I should just stay and keep winning, make Wigan a dynasty. Well I'd like to think I've left them in a position to do that themselves. But it's not for me.

I've always wanted to manage in Scotland. I've won titles in England and Wales, so now I'd like to try something different. I can't explain it really - I feel this pull inside, almost as if I'm being controlled by some external force. It's a bit like Eric Cantona said 40 years ago... [sees the blank faces of the young whippersnappers] - oh forget it, look it up, call yourselves sports reporters...

The salaries are obscene. We kept it under control for a while, but it's spiralling now. I want to work with men again, not overpaid primadonnas."

"What do you make of Kym Marsh's comments?"

"They're just hearsay"

"No, she had a press conference this morning, look" [reporter attempts to play the clip to Tree]

"No it's alright, thanks. I don't care. It's pure and simple: they'll move on, so will I. Now if you'll excuse me gentlemen... Come on Louis..."


Quick look at what I'm leaving:






It's 114 miles to Gretna, and Griff had me covered:




Hello, Scotland!

So what of my new team?


Well fantastically, they'd maxed out their loan signings and their wage budget, so I had to wriggle a bit. I didn't realise that this screenshot doesn't actually show it properly, but the squad is in position order, just look at this FFS - they have THREE goalkeepers on loan?!?



Fortunately, they were top when I arrived (I think this screenshot came after my first game):


And they had a striker with 5-star potential:


He had three goals when I arrived:



It appeared that my reputation proceeded me when I arrived at the club:



Sadly, McFadyen turned out to be quite injury-prone, despite a promising start:





I had a horrendous start, losing 5 of my first 7 games, although one of the other games involved me banging in 6 away from home, so not all bad:




And eventually we got rolling, once I brought in a decent CB and left-winger, reeling off 11 unbeaten to hold on to top spot:





Had an interesting one in the final run-in - never seen a player who was sent off win man of the match before :)



Anyway, we sealed top spot with a game to spare:



And my main man Dec did alright, earning me 14 miles in our first year together:




Clearly, my reputation did count for a lot - I wonder how many times a League 2 manager has won these awards:



Meanwhile, Wigan did survive without me:



My manager profile after two-thirds of the career:



And the journey so far:




NEXT TIME: can the young lad make the step up to Ladbrokes League 1?

Edited by Mr Tree

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I missed a couple of your seasons but well done on your exploits at Wigan. 

Great start at Gretna and you are getting closer to the finish line now.😀

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1 hour ago, 1759 said:

I missed a couple of your seasons but well done on your exploits at Wigan. 

Great start at Gretna and you are getting closer to the finish line now.😀

What he said

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23 hours ago, 1759 said:

I missed a couple of your seasons but well done on your exploits at Wigan. 

Great start at Gretna and you are getting closer to the finish line now.😀


22 hours ago, Gunners Rishi said:

What he said

cheers lads. looks like the Vibe World Cup will slow me down a bit, plus a couple of holidays coming up (i try to play less when away with the family, gotta give em some love :) )

but yes, the finish line is within sight.... although, there will be more on that topic in due course... not next update, but maybe in season 22.... ;)

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Well done Tree. But I miss two updates and all of a sudden you go from the dross of the Premier League to the pinnacle of world football in the Scottish 4th tier!!

I hope you gave Dale Woods what for after his know it all comment.

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Apologies for dropping off of this but I fell out of everything recently lol, anyway I've just caught up and this is going really well! I'm very impressed and delighted to see how possible this idea actually is as I did always wonder lol. 

Keep it up!!

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36 minutes ago, samhardy said:

Well done Tree. But I miss two updates and all of a sudden you go from the dross of the Premier League to the pinnacle of world football in the Scottish 4th tier!!

I hope you gave Dale Woods what for after his know it all comment.

Sam, i think you'll be glad to know that i genuinely sold him to Newcastle for his sins!

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4 minutes ago, Mr Tree said:

Sam, i think you'll be glad to know that i genuinely sold him to Newcastle for his sins!

😱 Doesn’t get much worse than that!

Deserved though. Who does he think he is.

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· Posted (edited)


Firstly, hail the greatest World Cup Final in history! Only spoiled by Germany prevailing:



At home it went relatively straightforward. My remit was to stay up but I won my first two games, 4-0 at Stenhousemuir and 6-1 vs East Stirling, and although Arbroath chased me honourably, we got the job done...

Dec was still picking up regular injuries:





But he was doing well when fit:






He surpassed his 14 goals with me last year by the first week of November:



I was getting a bit twitchy though, knowing that I wanted to get him on a bigger contract but worrying that he'd insist on a release clause. I decided to wait until he knocked on the door... And he duly did...



I managed to get him sorted, and guess how he celebrated?




Anyway, Arbroath did give me a good run for my money, and the last game was away at Arbroath so that was a bit of a worry. But in the dying minutes of the penultimate game at Cowdenbeath...


We conceded!

It was disallowed... And then we pumped a ball over the top... Their keeper stayed welded to his line... And my man Whelan slammed it home:



Arbroath promptly went 3-0 up in the last game... We pulled it back to 3-2, but anyway:



My lads were on top in the scoring charts - Whelan's been a great pick-up on the left-wing (IF, could be a striker but I've got Dec there!)



Four lads in the Team of the Year:



My inspirational loanee centre-back managed to make quite a name for himself:




The cups didn't go so great... I like their Betfred cup, it's a good "competitive preseason":



I got smashed by last year's rivals in the IRN-BRU Cup:



But we did well in the Scottish Cup, setting up a tie at Ibrox...


Where somehow, we fought back from 3-1 down to force a replay:


Of course they eventually overpowered us:


(by the way, Roofe was the player i used in part-exchange when I signed McGovern for Wigan...)

After all that, I was Scottish Manager of the Year again:



And by the way, yes, Wigan keep rolling - I left the squad in good shape and the AI hasn't buggered it up, yet:



Seems I finally forgot to get a manager profile shot at the end of this year, oh well! As for Dec, he got 25 in total, bringing us up to 39 goal-miles. More on the implications of that next time...



NEXT TIME: another step up for McFadyen - maybe it's time for me to move on?

Edited by Mr Tree

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I think this post will contain the biggest shock of the year at the end of season awards!

The fact that the AI hasn’t destroyed all your work at Wigan.

Going great and it sounds like another move is imminent so good luck with that.

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Fantastic career Mr Tree, just did some catching up and loved reading it. Look forward to the next move.

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On 22/05/2019 at 07:59, Foxy said:

I think this post will contain the biggest shock of the year at the end of season awards!

The fact that the AI hasn’t destroyed all your work at Wigan.

Going great and it sounds like another move is imminent so good luck with that.


On 22/05/2019 at 08:57, smoggy90 said:

Fantastic career Mr Tree, just did some catching up and loved reading it. Look forward to the next move.

cheers fellas. it's certainly been a fun journey!

amazingly, Bristol Rovers have managed to survive in the EPL for 9 seasons since I left too - and I didn't leave them in nearly as good a spot as I left Wigan!

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· Posted (edited)


Just before the new season began, the Queen of the South manager retired, so this enticing offer came my way:



Dec had earned me enough goals to get there, and I was very tempted as they're a great name, a classic team...

But ultimately I turned it down. It was, basically, a sideways move, and I needed to ensure I kept going north at this point. Besides, Griff's goals would've been good enough to get me to QOTS from Wigan directly, so moving now would've made the last two seasons pointless.

Unfortunately, the offer did leave me with a bit of a problem...



That's a map of the Scottish league clubs (2018/19). Gretna aren't actually in the league at the moment, so they're not shown, but the orange marker in the bottom right is Annan, and Gretna's a bit East of there. The purple marker to the left of Annan is Queen of the South.

And then there is a huge barren space before you reach the great cluster of clubs between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

So turning down Queen of the South was probably the right thing to do, but it really put all my eggs in McFadyen's basket. I'm quite mindful that nothing's really gone horribly wrong so far in this career - no big injury, no transfer demands. Anything like that now would make Elgin hugely unlikely...


We knuckled down. Despite three shootout wins in a row, we went out of the Betfred at the first stage:



And we got humbled by one of our old league two nemesises in the Scottish Cup:



We did at least have some fun in the IRN-BRU, only to miss a golden opportunity to reach the final before our shootout luck ran out as QOTS got revenge on me for my rejection of them:



The league went bizarrely well again. I picked up a good RB and TM but had most of the same squad - we just kept rolling. About halfway through we beat our closest rivals St Johnstone to suddenly somehow go 10pts clear! We responded by promptly losing our next three to ensure a thrilling run-in...

Dec responded well to the pressure in the penultimate month of the season:



I thought I was stuffed when I got FMM'd here to fall to 2nd:



But St Johnstone totally bottled it with a couple of shocking defeats down the stretch. God bless QOTS!




And so I was left with another 1st vs 2nd match on the last day, and this time it mattered. I was 2pts ahead, so defeat would've left me in 2nd.



Well, we made it........

But, as has happened a couple of times in this save, this was definitely very tempting to throw the game. The SPL was gonna be a massive step up for the team and Dec. I was worried (and didn't help myself by promptly accidentally clearing my shortlist in the off-season!).

But anyway - for now, we toast our success!







Leaving us on 66 goal-miles overall - the sporting equivalent of no-man's land......




NEXT TIME: Can McFadyen manage to grab himself enough goals so that I can get a move? Will I even need to, or can Gretna grab an unlikely fourth title in a row?!

Edited by Mr Tree

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Nice season and good luck in the SPL. At the least hopefully you can get more mileage in to give you some options further North.

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Great last few seasons with Gretna. You have made this unlikely challenge look very interesting.

Fantastic work mate. 

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· Posted (edited)


It seems Germany are enjoying a dominant era internationally :(



At home, the priority was to get Dec on a new contract!!


Fortunately, we got it sorted before those teams noticed, or I'd have been in big trouble! Upped his release clause to £1.5m.We started well with the Betfred Cup:



...before bowing out at the Quarter-Final stage:


No IRN-BRU Cup for me now, and the Scottish Cup.... We'll get to that ;)

In the league, a nervous start soon gave way!



Dec only had 2 in 13 before that game, so it was a big relief:



A strong month led to awards:


And then we played the only team we hadn't yet played, and somehow..... (although, victory came at a (small) cost)



I think that took us joint-top, and we hung around for a while...

But our small squad lacked quality, so by Christmas we were wobbling, and the knives were out:



Fortunately, he'd got us within range, so it was time to go:




(As a reminder, he was on 3 when I arrived in 2037/38. So the Motherwell job actually came available at the perfect time - he was on 76 goals! He scored 2 more while we waited for confirmation...)

I realised a couple of months later that I didn't actually get a screenshot of his updated attributes, so here goes:



And before we move on, shout-out to the left-winger (inside forward) that I recruited way back in League Two too, who would also have qualified me for the move to Motherwell!



On to Fir Park, which has much better facilities and a bigger budget than little Gretna...

I had plenty of other recruitment to do (they had three keepers, all of whom were useless), so I stuck with their main striker as my new hero:



He was on 10 goals when I arrived, although as ever, I forgot to screenshot that. I got him after my first game...



...which was inevitably against my old friends, and of course set some alarm bells ringing as my left-winger went wild:


I also managed to not get a screenshot of the league table on the day I moved, but I think this is just one game (a win for me and a loss for Gretna) later:


So 3rd place was very much in play - but we also had the Europa League to distract us!


A fantastic performance at home saw us knock Lazio out:



We tried the same trick in the next round, losing the first leg 4-2 in Bremen...


...but alas, couldn't repeat the home heroics:


The heavy schedule meant that I had to use Grimmer's understudy in a league game, and of course that dickhead ran off four goals too:



But the league campaign rather petered out as I struggled for consistency, and in the end a late McFadyen goal consigned me to the bottom half 🤦‍♂️



So a rather inglorious finish...



...except, we were a match for anyone on our day, so we kept rolling in the Cup, brushing aside last season's rivals in the semi:




And Hill popped up with a glorious last-minute winner so that we could snatch the trophy in the Final!


So, Grimmer ended up getting me just 13 goal-miles in our first season:



And the traditional manager profile:




Updated journey and summary:




And suddenly, we're past the 3/4 mark of the career! 😮

And I'm getting a bit less confident of completing the challenge...


The challenge is to play a season at the northernmost club. I say it like that because Elgin got bloody relegated! They were in the Scottish wilderness for a few years, but fortunately they've just returned.

The thing is, you can't guarantee that the job will become available, and I'd need it to be available in season 29 so that I can play season 30 there. So I only have five or so seasons to get up there.



So that's going to need an increased rate of scoring. I may have shot myself in the foot a bit by sticking with Grimmer!

If Elgin do disappear again, Ross County is only a bit less northerly so that should be fine... BUT... Brora have been promoted from the non-leagues, and that would be a stretch!



I'm not too sure how to approach (as in, I'm just playing and enjoying really, not caring too much). I want to add the SPL to my trophy cabinet, and I've strengthened my squad pretty well so hopefully I can get in the mix, and maybe bounce a few in off Grimmer along the way.

NEXT TIME: can Grimmer up his output? And can we challenge Celtic?




don't mess with Stevie G



Also, having discussed it recently, it was inevitable that.... Wigan's run of six consecutive EPL wins came to an end... AND Bristol Rovers got relegated 😭



Edited by Mr Tree

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· Posted (edited)


At one point this season got so frustrating that I was close to rage-quitting, but we managed to salvage it to an extent...

Grimmer definitely was a mistake, so I'm going to need to find a new job and test some 1kc tactics (I've never been a high-volume scorer) to try and get home.

We were irritatingly inconsistent in the league, dropping too many silly games away to lower teams, plus a home loss to Gretna and an injury-time equaliser to them in another game.I was neck and neck with Celtic, but then they did this to leave me behind:




(and they won the games between Apr 17 and May 4th too)

That one loss did at least throw up another funny name:


So in the end, I was convincingly second but miles behind first:



Grimmer had big funks and kept missing penalties, one of which cost me the chance to defend the Scottish Cup:



We did manage to add the Betfred to the trophy cabinet though - I think I rested Grimmer, so someone else was on penalty-missing duties 🙄



We also had some fun in the Europa League:





The Round of 16 was an "interesting" draw for Scotland:


So, two guaranteed in the quarters at least, but who knows, with a bit of luck it could've been better.

We got through Hearts, and then...



Atheba is a 21-y-o Ivory Coast midfielder who I inherited, maybe a Yaya Toure regen. He never performed that well for me though, and I was getting some huge bids for him. He was valued at £28m but I ended up agreeing a £76m deal for him with Dynamo Kiev (on Feb 1st 🙄)

So inevitably, I played them in the semi. I was unsure whether to use him, not knowing which side he'd be loyal to (although knowing that that doesn't really matter in this game :) )

He helpfully solved the matter by getting a thigh strain that put him out for the rest of the season :D

And we beat them anyway:



Good win, that, for Celtic!

So an all-Scottish final (how unrealistic is this game?!). I hadn't won a Europa League yet, but Celtic were a formidable foe.......


Wow, that was awesome, with Grimmer even adding a couple of superfluous goals to make up (a bit) for his crappy season.

Grimmer had 26 overall, taking us up to 39, but look at that league record - horrible.



So, I'm hoping for a good move to open up early next season. St Johnstone (58 miles away) are at the top of this cluster of clubs between Edinburgh and Glasgow - they were something of a goal, but they'd probably take Grimmer most of another season to reach 🙄


Quick look at the profile - two good trophies added this year, so now just for the SPL and maybe a cheeky IRN-BRU Cup to complete what's going to be a nice-looking trophy cabinet by the end:



NEXT TIME: actually, we've finally pretty much caught up to where I am in real life, so I have no idea what awaits :D

Edited by Mr Tree

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· Posted (edited)


Germany continued their international domination 🙄



I didn't like my striker at Motherwell, so I wanted to move on. I scouted the scene and saw that I had just enough goals to get to Dunfermline, and I was two short of Cowdenbeath. The two teams had finished one place apart in 2041/42 (season 24), with Dunfermline champions of League One and set to replace Cowdenbeath, who finished bottom of the Championship. Plus Dunfermline had "Rich" finances while the Cows were Insecure.

Lo and behold, someone came and poached Dunfermline's manager before the new season began! Sorted :)




The board had low expectations (despite my stature within the game), an indication that the squad needed quite a lot of surgery. I needed a new hero to get me 142 goals in 4 seasons, so I started my search... Unfortunately, there's still aspects of this game that I need to get better at, as nearly always proved by the fact that when I think long and hard about a choice, I tend to make the wrong decision 😭

But I couldn't resist this guy's name, plus the Truro connection seemed to tie in well with my adventure!



He arrived injured (just a couple of weeks), so in the meantime, one of my reserves tried to show me that I didn't need anyone else:



My Betfred run didn't go much further:



I didn't get far with the IRN-BRU either:



And I didn't even screenshot the Scottish Cup! Assume I didn't get far!

Bobson did at least get off to a good start in the league, getting the winner on his debut:



But NO hat-tricks or anything to show :(

He did get one player of the month award:



And we just about held on to a playoff spot for a successful league season:



Bobson got a slight injury just before the playoffs though:



Peterhead beat us 2-0 in the first leg, but Bobson arose from the bench to grab the late winner in the second leg and complete the comeback!



We dug ourselves an even deeper hole in the next round..... And somehow got out of it!!



(away goals don't count in the Scottish playoffs, but still, wow!)


Back to a familiar dilemma then - promoting too soon would make it very hard for Bobson to score sufficiently next year....

In the end, the choice was taken out of my hands - I didn't have nearly enough to trouble ICT:



Still, a nice start with the Pars, so we'll see....Bobson ended up as the league's top scorer:






And we sold this prick for nicking too many and not passing enough:



Updated manager profile:



And the journey so far - I've had to split the chart into two screenshots but hopefully it's seamless and barely noticeable :)




NEXT TIME: will Bobson blossom? Can I get an "Ariboooooooooo" moment?!

Edited by Mr Tree

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Aribo looks a snip for just £24k! Awesome career mate, nearly there now keep it up.

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Going to be tight, 5 seasons to go. Let’s hope there’s no trouble getting the Elgin job when the time comes! You deserve to complete this :)

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On 05/06/2019 at 11:16, samhardy said:

Going to be tight, 5 seasons to go. Let’s hope there’s no trouble getting the Elgin job when the time comes! You deserve to complete this :)

cheers lads. yeah, it looks like i'm gonna fall short i'd say, but it's more about the journey than the destination, maaaan :D

there's definitely more that i could've done if i was ruthlessly going for reaching the endpoint, but anyway, i'll definitely have a summary at the end where i'll consider what could've been done better (and ways to judge the challenge) - mind you, i don't know if anyone else is interested enough to try it :D i'd recommend it, it does at least give a nice twist to the game :)

i would post an update tomorrow.......... but....... tonight it's the NBA Finals Game 4, then tomorrow we have to sort out all the crap we want to take on holiday, then go to my office's summer party, so not sure when i'll get chance. you'll all have to just stay on the edge of your seats until maybe Sunday!! (fortunately, this trip away should offer a fair bit of downtime for me to bang out a couple more seasons)

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1 hour ago, Mr Tree said:

i would post an update tomorrow.......... but....... tonight it's the NBA Finals Game 4

Who are you rooting for in the finals?

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