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Help Tactic reset


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Hi all, wondering if anyone else experiencing this, when I adjust my formation, player role, player position or team mentality during a game, to go more attacking or defensive, it resets back to what it started as, when I resume the game. For example I change to contain, go back to my team formation, it has changed back to balanced or I change my fullback to defensive fullback, it resets to normal fullback ??

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Yes there is something like this that I’ve noticed happens sometimes but it’s hard to explain. I think it’s if you go to the team instructions, change something and then go back to the team section and restart from there it forgets your instructional changes. If you go to your team section first and then do your instructional changes and then submit from there then it works. 

Hope that sounded vaguely clear as it is hard to explain.

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Yeah I wrote about it a while ago on the bugs section but it’s still there now. The key is that you’ve got to do your subs and stuff on formation page and then go into instructions and do your changes there and after submit as if you go back to the main formation page your instructions will reset.

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