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Challenges Chelsea’s Bad Eggs!


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Chelsea’s Bad Eggs

Over the last few years we’ve seen Chelsea F.C. have rather successful seasons where they look like a fantastic team only to usually follow that up with a poor campaign which often results in them replacing their manager.

They seem to have a policy which some would argue has been rather successful in demanding ultimate success from their managers and being ruthless as soon as their expectations appear under threat.

Everyone probably has their own opinion on the situation but mine is that the players have cottoned on to the situation and have full control at Chelsea. If they decide they don’t agree with the manager they can just down tools which will always result in a new manager coming in. 

Anyway that all changes now as for the sake of this challenge the club have decided they want to improve their reputation and your job as new manger is to make big changes to the playing staff.

This is a one season challenge where your job is to get rid of the bad eggs in the dressing room and replace them with young English players in a bid to improve the clubs reputation.


  • Load up the English leagues and any other leagues you want and take charge of Chelsea.
  • The challenge will last just one season.
  • On your first day as manager go into the selection page and sort your players by their value. The eight highest valued players are your bad eggs and must be sold or demoted never to play for Chelsea again. Players who are on loan at the club count and you just need to end the loan but players currently out on loan don’t count so just skip them.
  • You can then replace the eight players with young English players but they must be under 17 on the day you sign them.
  • You cannot sign any other players but you can make as many outgoing transfers as you want. 
  • Own tactics only.
  • Coaching badges are allowed.
  • No unlockables or use of any editors.
  • No cheating or reloading of any kind.


Screenshots required of the following.

  • Chelsea squad sorted by value on your first day as manager.
  • Transfers page.
  • Profile page of each of your eight young players on the day of signing.
  • Final league table
  • Full fixture list
  • Stats of each of your eight young players post season showing any goals/assists.
  • Squad appearances.
  • Proof that none of the eight highest valued players played (only if you couldn’t sell them).

Why not post a career thread for all of us to follow.


League points

Goal Difference +\-

15 points for winning the Premier League

10 points for winning the FA Cup, League Cup or Europa League.

5 points for every goal scored by one of your eight young English players in all competitions.

2 points for every assist scored by one of your eight young English players in all competitions.

Have fun!


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Good challenge that. Perhaps maybe extend it to dropping the whole first team for those pesky youngsters.

Hudson Odoi


Ruben Loftus-Cheek

life isn’t that bad

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1 hour ago, Foxy said:

Really good challenge this 👍🏻

Thanks, it’s an idea I’ve had for a while and thought it might interest some if they’re struggling for an idea for a short save.😀

1 hour ago, BigAl said:

This looks like fun, might attempt this 😁

Cheers, think I’ll give it a go myself.😀

15 minutes ago, Gunners Rishi said:

Good challenge that. Perhaps maybe extend it to dropping the whole first team for those pesky youngsters.

Hudson Odoi


Ruben Loftus-Cheek

life isn’t that bad

Good idea and I’ll say that you can replace as many as you want as long as the replacements are English and under 17 on the day they’re signed. I actually loaded the game up and got rid of the eight players and the squad is still good but mainly in defence so it becomes all about trying to get goals and assists from the eight or more youngsters as they’re worth a lot of points.😀

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