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Challenges The Shane Long Challenge


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The Shane Long Challenge

When it comes to strikers they can be broken into various categories such as Target Man, Poacher or Complete Forwards. I actually think you can go even simpler than that and break them down into 2 categories.

  • Those that score goals
  • And those that don’t

The 2nd category can further be broken down into 2 more categories.

  • Strikers that are useless so don’t score goals.
  • Strikers that give more to the team than simply scoring.

Our hero in this challenge falls into the 2nd of those categories.


Shane Patrick Long was born in Gortnahoe, Ireland on the 22nd January 1987. He was a promising Hurling player as well as footballer but concentrated on football due to Hurling being a amateur sport. He began his career in Ireland for Cork City before moving to England and playing for Reading, WBA, Hull and Southampton his current club.

Despite being a striker he has never been prolific in front of goal, something that has led to him being the subject of unfair ridicule during his career. What he brings to a team is hard graft, and a willingness to use his pace and run the channels. He is a striker who never gives defences a breather due to his constant presence. He has never been a world beater by any stretch of the imagination but he has had a long Premier League a career making 287 appearances for 4 different clubs in the Premier League.

The Challenge 


Your challenge is to give Shane Long one last hurrah and get him to score more Premier League  goals under your management than he has managed the rest of his career. He has scored 49 (as of the 29th March 2019) goals in 287 appearances so your target is to get him to 50 Premier League goals as quickly as possible for his current club Southampton.

The Rules

  • Take over at Southampton.
  • You may make as many transfers as you wish.
  • Get Shane Long to 50 Premier League goals under your management.
  • If it takes more than one season remember to get a screenshot of his league goals at the end of the season before the stats reset.
  • No editing or custom DB’s.
  • Either Nov or Feb DB is fine.
  • Evidence will be needed so why not start a career thread for us to follow.

Remember it is Premier League goals only so no cup goals count towards his total and you may take as many season as you need.


This is a very simple points system with it simply being the number of games it takes you to get Shane to 50 Premier League goals with the lowest total being the best.

E.G. If it takes you 50 games to get 50 goals then your score will be 50 and that would beat a score of 51+.


@1759: 57 games


Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated

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I'm a big Long fan so this is ace, he's that typical strikers more of a winger yet is only effective up top lol. Doyle and Long at Reading I remember being fond off. 

Another average striker I really liked was Jason Roberts 

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15 hours ago, LenTheWelsh said:

nicely works around the conditioning stuff too

That was definitely in my mind when I made this.

15 hours ago, 1759 said:

Really good challenge, I like your summary of strikers too.👍

Thanks mate.

14 hours ago, Ashez said:

I'm a big Long fan so this is ace, he's that typical strikers more of a winger yet is only effective up top lol. Doyle and Long at Reading I remember being fond off. 

Another average striker I really liked was Jason Roberts 

Jason Roberts was decent and Marcus Stewart and Dave Kitson was another of those sorts of players as well.

14 hours ago, Mr Tree said:

Yep as an Irishman I've always liked Longy, lack of end-product notwithstanding.

Bleh to playing as Southampton though, so I'll leave this challenge to you guys :D

I felt giving club choice would just lead to Man City being the club of choice which diminishes any kind of challenge imo.

10 hours ago, RPA123456 said:

Ooohhh I like this...Might do this to test out a new 2k tactic I'm working on.

Perfect little challenge I think for anyone who wants to test a tactic or try out the new update.

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