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Is there a way to find out a players long shot attributes im looking to create a shoot on sight tactic and want to try it with players with good long shots 



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Sorry, there's no way to find players with good long shots, but you can train players in roles that will focus on long shots if you're willing to train them up... Here is an explanation of the how long shots works from Marc Vaughan: 


The game displays a slightly 'simplified' view of some of the attributes in the game and behind the scenes they might actually be two attributes which are combined into one for display purposes (mainly because of the size of a mobile phone screen) - so 'Shooting' actually is 'Long Shots' and 'Finishing' behind the scenes, one for long range shooting and the other for close in scoring .... when you train some training regimes are biased slightly more heavily to one or the other when training 'Shooting' ... so a midfield role is more likely to train long-shots heavier than a poacher role etc.

He mentions training them as a midfielder, but there was a discussion on here somewhere that I can't find now and from memory training someone as Defensive Forward or Deep Lying Forward would bump up their long shots. That's just my memory though, could be wrong, would be safer to train them as a Shadow Striker in the AM position if they have any inclination to play there...

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