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Career (Cancelled) Unknown and Unemployment to the TOP! Career

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Maximilliam Ijuschenko has passed all the examinations to be a fully qualified football manager. Screenshot_2019-04-08-15-08-21-050_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.15611af2d9808e282fc2bba5e9fbe7c2.png

Born in 8 December 1970 in Dresden, East Germany from Russian father and German mother, his dream to become footballer but since his family so poor he can't go to school so he play for football in lower east german league until moved to 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig then retired from footballing career to be assistant/helper manager.


now he qualified for football manager will he reach the top and even win UCL? 


I prefer 90 minutes having ball in our side. ~Ijuschenko

The start of carrer :

Maximiliam Ijuschenko confirmed to be manager of Eastleigh in Vanarama National. 


He arrived in the Silverlake Stadium


Then open the press confrence. 


It's be an honour to be this manager of Eastleigh, the club has so many history. So let's build Eastleigh to the top! 

(No players in or out in the summer, since i disabled money in the first transfer) 

added 0 minutes later

This is his tactic for now. 


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Difficult July :

First game under Ijuschenko were Preston North End and Travel to Deepdale stadium :


We've try but we don't win the match but make home side shock since 2nd Tier against 5th Tier. 


We face Oldham in our stadium but again we lost the match. 


In 28th July, we travel to Shrewsbury and lost 7-1 and it was very disappointing since we manage to shoot 15 and 4 eer on target. 

Btw players in and out :



Many were released from contract because too expansive so we can't afford scouts and physio 

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