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Career Swede Striker challenge

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This is my first career. I´ve red a lot of yours but never started my own.

So, what am I going to do?

I´m going to take on Dortmund in Bundesliga.

What is my intention?

I will for every new season bring in a new Swedish striker to play every game possible in my 4-2-3-1 tactic.

So for season one, i will have one Swede that will be sold after the season and a new swede will come in.

As Swede striker Alexander Isak already is a Dortmund player I can choose him.
But I won´t do that for the first season. He will be on loan as I want and need to start with an old Swede that I may only use during season 1.

I will also choose a back-up striker. Also this guy will be Swedish.

I will update 2 times a season.
Hope that will do it!

Let´s go Sweden!


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Season 1

I decided to sign a lot of young promising players and sell older and not needed players.
Bayern took Götze once again and hopefully he can deliver this time.

Transfers in:
Raphael Varane - 60M p/ex
Mason Mount - 31M p/ex
Gian-Luca Itter - 26,5M
Ibrahimovic - 17,25M
Josha Vagnoman - 12M
Sandro Tonali - 11,25M
Markus Rosenberg - 1,6M
Callum Hudson-Odoi - Loan

Transfers out:
Götze - 25,5M
Maximilian Philipp - 13,75M
Marius Wolf - 13,5M
and a couple of reserves


As you can see, my choice of Swedish striker is Zlatan Ibrahimovic!


And his back-up will be former teammate Markus Rosenberg who knows Bundesliga well from his time in Werder bremen.

Two old ones, But I don´t want to choose a promising young player as a sub as I then can´t use him again.

I will count my striker points on Goals and assist. 1p each.

My staring eleven as it seems now:



Next update will sum up first half of the season.

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Yeah,how could anyone leave zlatan from this career? And yep,smart decision for isak in later seasons.Perhaps in 3-4 seasons time,that would give him enough time to develop.He is always at huge club in any fmm career.Use him wisely,one of my favourite players in fmm ;D Good luck with this!

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First half of the season was like a rollercoaster!

We have big trouble with our scoring, and I can´t see why!
Either Ibra or Rosenberg has delivered for me and I have to rely on Reus that has started really good!
Both Reus and wonderkid Sancho are attracting the biggest clubs and I have rejected big bids from different clubs.

League after 17 games:


I´m fighting to get the second place, but the title dream is still alive.

In Champions league we have gone through to the next round.
Placed second in a group that Juventus won before me and Ludogorets & CSKA.






Ibrahimovic stamina isn´t what it once was and Rosenberg have to play almost as much as him.

Next season I´m going for a younger player and so far Ibras season is beyond all what I hoped for.
BUT, the season isn´t over and he can still prove me wrong!
In Ibra we trust!

Next update: Season 1 round up and transfers for Season 2.



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Sorry to hear you lost the save. I really like this idea. Might give something similar a go myself at some point 

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