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Tactics Attacking 4-2-3-1 - Hertha Berlin

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Good afternoon guys.

After weeks of using @Crashhart incredible tactic, I decided to try something on my own, especially against teams who play 4-2-3-1/4-1-4-1, because his tactic isn't working (for me, at least) against those teams (Bayern, Dortmund, Leverkusen etc)

My tactic is probably pretty basic and very common but it's a 2-2-2-3-1 (4-2-3-1) with high WBs.

I haven't tested it with a lower league side or anyone else than Hertha Berlin, but I think it would do good, would love to see your experiments.

As you can see, now in my third season in Bundesliga (in my second season I won the treble with Bundesliga, Pokal and Europa League), I'm 1st with 5 points lead over BVB, losing just 1 game against a very in-form Wolfsburg at that time, and also a game on penalty in which I COMPLETELY dominated but my players missed a lot of chances so I lost on penalties..

I don't have a team full of world class players but I do have a team which suits my style. Pacey, techniqual players with good passing and shooting. 

Key player attributes:

GK - Normal stats, decent passing

CB - Pacey (at least 15), good passing and aerial (to make up for the lack of height in the WBs)

LWB/RWB - Good stamina, pace, crossing and decent aerial (at least 10-11)

BWM - Box to Box midfielder attirbutes: decent pace, shooting, passing, tackling. Anyone could work, most success I had was with Arthur Melo from Barcelona on loan

DLP - Very good passing (at least 16-17) 

AM - Very good shooting, good passing, technique, movement, decision making and decent pace

IF - Inverted wingers, with good delivery in crossing, decent shooting (at least 14), good passing and good movement

TM - Not only tall (at least 16 aerial) but also good movement, decent pace, good finishing. A complete striker (I had Selke too)



When playing a good team or away from home, I revert back to a plain 4-2-3-1, with fullbacks, most of the settings on Balanced and change from Wait for Overlap to Early Crossing whenever I play with fullbacks and not wingbacks

- Try to always match the opponents team width, if they play narrow, you play narrow. 

- If they have all the possesion and they create a lot of chances, try to change the passing focus. Usually teams who play 4-2-3-1 play on Flanks so play Central

- If you have possesion but not create chances, try to play around with the attacking settings and also the passing speed

- When leading and it's narrow, try to change to a 5-1-4 formation or a 5-1-3-1, in complete lockdown mode (Contain/Defensive, Narrow, Slow, Time wasting)

- This tactic is not working against all types of opponents, for example against 4-4-2, usually it's not working for me so I'm switching to @Crashhart tactic


Here are my stats so far:

1st in my UCL group, undefeated (Arsenal & Napoli)

1st in Bundesliga 












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1 hour ago, Steventennant85 said:

Poulsens a beast in my rangers save 



Had a rough start for me but he's slowly grinding and playing better and better :D 

Bought back Selke though, will join me in January.


What position are you playing Poulsen? Target Man? 

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Little Update on my run in:

- 10 points above Bayern in 2nd place

- Most goals scored (38 in 17 games)

- Least goals conceded (11 in 17)

- Conceded only 1 goal in the last 10 games



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