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Help Chelsea Tactics


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Pretty new to the forum and just downloaded the game, I am planning on starting as Chelsea, however it doesn't seem to matter what tactic I want to try and use, every game I can concede way too many goals, have seen on other discussions this may be a bug but what attacking tatics would be best to use? And set up etc 



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I’ve found on FMM when I’m trying to create my own tactic it’s hard to find out where it’s going wrong and often I’ll be dominating teams but they will have a crazy shots on target to goal ratio (like 2 shots 2 goals when I getting 20+ shots and no goals). I think that’s just FMM’s way of telling you it’s not quite right. 

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The link provided above is the most defensively solid tactic I've used on this update mate. I use the same defensive instructions, and the same back 4 + keeper but I have been playing around with the other outfield players, as well as team shape and attacking instructions. It's been working tremendously well for me so far, however I do wish I could be scoring more goals. But that will never change 😂

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I’ve just used a tactic like this managing Southampton trying to get goals from Shane Long. It went well and although I didn’t win the league I got a couple of cups and the defence was decent. Could be good for Chelsea. Maybe switch the mentality to attacking though at least for the home games anyway.





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