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Help What leagues do you activate?

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1. The League I'm playing in 

2. A league of a similar level

3. A weaker/bigger league depend on 1+2

4. Cheap yet good players 


England, Spain, Portugal and France/Germany or Portugal, Holland, Spain and England. 

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My standard setup = England, Italy, Spain, Germany.

One of my most fun saves included the leagues of Russia and China.

Currently I have England, Spain, USA and Portugal. I'm really enjoying the MLS.


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Same as everybody else so far, England, Spain, Germany, Italy.

England and Spain - Top 2 Leagues in the world for quality and nearly all of my careers are in England.

Germany - So many bargains and top players there and I love the Bundesliga. After the Prem, arguably the most competitive.

Italy - I regard it as generally better quality then Ligue 1 especially since PSG ruined it! What’s more, the history of the game has so much in Italy.


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The best thing about loading Germany and/or France imo is the wages are low so top quality players can be attained reasonably

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On 15/04/2019 at 19:41, drexeldesigns said:

What leagues do you guys usually activate when it comes to starting a new career save? 

My device can only hold so much leagues in a save before it just collapses so usually I just go

1.PL, Championship

2. 3. Liga<

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