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Help HEX Salaries


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Hello. Who knows please help how to edit players' salaries through HEX editor. Many times I tried to do this on my own, using other examples, but I can't. I can find a player, but I can not find his salary. For example, take Arsenal player Matteo Guendouzi. His ID number: 48037391. I translated it to Hex and it turned out 02DCFE0F. Then I made the numbers back and it turned out: 0F FE DC 02. I used this number to look for a player in my saved game. I found this code, but nearby I could not find a salary. It gets £ 52,000, I translated this value to Hex: CB20, swapped: 20CB. But I did not find such a code next to the player. Help who knows. Sorry for my English.


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On 18/04/2019 at 02:11, Rus7M said:

Who knows please help how to edit players' salaries through HEX editor.

The question is removed. NguyenDucAnh helped me. If anyone needs it, then you need to find the player ID, transfer it to HEX, then do it back and find it in Save.dat. Then before the ID you should take 4 values (in this case, c1 1e 00 00) and add 01. Find these values. There will be a salary (red on these screen), player status (value), a contract date (green) and so on.



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