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I started a game as Sampdoria and they have a number of players on loan. Of these, three are set to join the next summer. You cannot bid for them, the deals are done. These are Jankto, Ferrari and Audero.

All three have "Future transfer: Sampdoria" in their contract section. And all three have "Looking forward to joining Sampdoria" in their personal section.

However, when I started the next season, only the Jankto and Ferrari deals went through. Neither of those fees came out of my budget as the deals were already done. So it's not that I didn't have enough money.

There was simply no mention of Audero and he just returned to Juventus. It was as if Audero had never agreed to join at all and I had to bid from scratch. Which was annoying because he had a fantastic season with me and was consequently very expensive.

Anyone got any idea why the transfer never went through like the others?

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Seems like a bug to me. I think I’ve seen a few things mentioned on the bug section involving the Italian league after the recent database update but that may have just been a few players that were missing. 

I’ll have a look now and see.😀

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I’ve just loaded the game up and started a save with Sampdoria on both databases.

On the November one he isn’t set to move as a future transfer but he is on the February one so I think it is a bug if you used the February database and it seems like you did.

I can see how that would be annoying so I would maybe mention it over in the bug section and hopefully it’ll get fixed for the future anyway.

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Thank you for the replies. Yes, they only negotiated to buy him permanently during the january window. I will mention it in the bugs thread. Thanks again.

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