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Help Transition from FM Mobile to FM on PC

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Hello guys.

I've been trying to play FM for a few years now, but after a few hours, I always quit, it feels way too complicated for me, the UI is not helping and it's waay too detailed for me.

I bought FM Mobile a few months ago and I'm absolutely loving it, but I still want to switch over to the PC Version.


Are there any tips for people transitioning from the more "basic" FM game on Mobile to the detailed one on PC?

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The only real way to learn is to do in my opinion mate. You will pick it up quickly, but just don't try to do everything at once. The various features can seem very over whelming in the current PC game, but can be broken down into:

Players - learn the transfer market, and scouting system. Also look at your own players and see where your weaknesses are. This will obviously depend on your... 

Tactics - after assessing your team choose a formation to fit. It helps to have player roles set to their preferred roles but isn't necessary. Keep your tactics very basic in the beginning and tweak them slowly, so you can see what impact your changes are having. You could also try some plugin tactics created by other people, and maybe learn from these before making your own. 

Essentially this is all you need to worry about to start getting results. The game is huge but easily understood with experience. After a while you will get used to the UI, training players etc. Take your time with it, and enjoy doing so

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Mobile is miles better then laptop vision. Just have know what team you want, get the right balance and the right tactic and your half way there, try signing younger players, loan them out for a year and to and boom there transfer value goes up

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