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Tactics Revamped 4-2-3-1 Attacking [Unbeaten AS Roma]

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A few weeks ago I posted my attacking 4-2-3-1 tactic with Hertha Berlin that has won me the treble at the end of the season.

Now I'm bringing that same tactic, but revamped and polished to work in Serie A aswell, battering every teams around.

I've won the Serie A with AS Roma with an astonishing 103 points (still have to play one last game away to Juventus), scoring 101 goals, only conceding 19, finishing the season UNBEATEN.


Four of my players had a G/A tally of at least 24 (Zaniolo with 49 G/A in 53 games)

I've lost only 1 game this season and that was in the Italian Cup first leg against Sampdoria, in the second leg I've beat them 3-0.


In terms of formation & shape, the shape is almost the same as the Hertha Berlin one, but in this one, the striker is an Advanced Forward, creating goals too. The fullbacks are in line with the CBs but they're wingbacks, providing a lot of defensive support aswell.


Key player attributes:

GK - Any GK

CB - Pacey (at least 15), good passing and aerial (to make up for the lack of height in the WBs)

LB/RB - Good stamina, pace, crossing and decent aerial (at least 10-11)

BWM - Box to Box midfielder attirbutes: decent pace, decent shooting, good passing and tackling. References: Arne Maier, Arthur Melo, Masangu, Cristante)

DLP - Very good passing (at least 16-17) and decent tackling

AM - Very good shooting, good passing, technique, movement, decision making and decent pace

IF - Inverted wingers, with good delivery in crossing, decent shooting (at least 13), good passing and good movement

AF - Decent aerially (at least 13-14), good movement, decent pace, good finishing. A complete striker (Schick, Ponce, Selke, Sadiq etc)















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2 hours ago, AndersJ said:

Thanks for sharing :)! Did you by any chance test it in the first season :)?

Yes, started the season in November (I was hired then), and if I remember corretly I was in 16th position, finished on 5th, easily could have finished 2nd place if I started the season myself.




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