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Chat Lower league champions league winners?

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2 hours ago, Superteebs said:

Has anyone done this?

how many seasons did it take you?

any tips?


Well I did kind of with Brentford in 3 seasons (one for the championship, one for the prem and one for the Ucl) but that’s championship so it wouldn’t count, however I’m attempting it with Aldershot. I’ve won the Conference and first in league 2 at December 2019 so it’s all going well and my best advice is to be smart with frees and loans especially at LLM because there are many a diamond in the rough in lower league

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Done it with Chesterfield from VNL at start . Took about 7-8 seasons to get up to EPL and win UCL. It’s a long haul so gotta be patient is the main consideration I would advise. Gets tempting with other team openings and getting bigger budget to buy all the stars because a bunch of the stars will be retired or over the hill by the time you can afford them . Like previous post said def use free agents and loans til you can afford decent transfers. I put most of my budget on wages until I reached League one as I improved staff and facilities first . C.Andrews always good attacker to start with from FA always has good speed and can dominate lower leagues easily then sell for good profit . Hope it helps always more satisfaction leading an under dog than just taking top teams with no challenge.

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